Dynamic Pricing

Building tomorrow’s sophisticated platforms for your customized offers.

The airline industry has long been recognized as the leader in dynamic pricing. ATPCO is leading the discussion on what dynamic pricing means and working with carriers to define future requirements in airline pricing and revenue management. ATPCO is the primary source for airline fare data and the most knowledgeable source for airline fares and price calculations. We have worked with the industry to build the platform and pricing mechanisms that can match each individual airline pricing strategy with the right tactics to achieve your goals.

Solving problems together

Airline, system, industry body, and academic representatives are meeting periodically to create solutions that work for all.

Pooling our resources

We’re taking your input and doing the foundation work so you can save your energy for your own projects that will use these common functions.

Building it right

When you share your requirements and knowledge in pilot programs and working groups, you can be confident that you’ll be able to implement your strategies faster.

What’s happening right now?

Airlines often use one or a combination of three methods to create customized offers: dynamic availability through fare levels, bundling and unbundling of services with fares, and personalized fare prices based on broad market segmentation.

At ATPCO’s Dynamic Pricing Working Group, we are working to ensure each airline will be able to create a customized dynamic pricing capability, and it will work in both traditional and NDC environments. Earlier this year, the group defined a minimum viable product, and launched pilot programs to improve the process of dynamic availability using fare levels.

We’re helping airlines and IT solution providers to solve the mystery of how to create a dynamic pricing strategy that works for their organization. We can help you, too. Start exploring your organization’s strategies, including the practicalities of regulatory compliance, maintaining different prices between products, consumer expectations, demand stimulation, and competitive impacts.

  • Participate in the Dynamic Pricing Working Group. You’ll keep up with the latest research findings and progress, and collaborate on industry standards and solutions.
  • The Working Group met in February 2018. Log in to the Customer Center to view more information, including a meeting summary.
  • Participate in available pilot programs and learn more about ongoing programs.

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