It’s time to deliver trusted rich content at every point of sale.

By Rolf Purzer, President and CEO
February 2018

Today marked an important occasion in ATPCO’s 53-year history: we acquired Routehappy, making them an industry standard for airline rich content and taking a significant step toward our vision to empower smart connections of all content through all channels.

The acquisition of Routehappy allows us to merge our pricing and shopping data with complementary rich content so that airlines can create more consistent offers through every sales channel and use a trusted, centralized source. Retailers benefit from the most accurate pricing data and rich content associated with each airline offer, and travelers receive a better, more authentic, and richer shopping experience.

The value of network economics
The decision to connect ATPCO and Routehappy was a critical step in accelerating the next generation of distribution.  Travelers want to see what they are buying before the flight. Differentiation and consistency of an airline offer across all channels is a big challenge, and a big opportunity, and making them work together in both existing and new systems is an enormous task. ATPCO already works with more than 430 airlines and now adds rich content to complement its trusted fare data.

This means airlines have immediate access to all distribution channels, and distribution partners don’t have to reconcile that data from multiple sources to create a full view of the total fare product. Being able to provide the airline industry with a neutral platform for pricing and shopping data is one way we make our industry relationships work for you.

Expanding our family
ATPCO continues to focus on reach, expertise, and innovation. During this last year we’ve welcomed several new employees from top tech, consulting, and industry companies, and they are infusing fresh perspectives into the solid foundation of fare experts and developers who’ve been working for us for decades.

Today we’re expanding our family even more. We have seen how Routehappy's innovative solutions for scoring and gathering trustworthy data on amenities is a great fit for our passion to provide the best, most comprehensive airfare data and fare management tools in the world. This work is an essential component for airlines and travelers to explore a better shopping experience.

Always looking for better ways to serve
Online shopping experiences and traveler expectations have changed. Keeping up with those changes isn’t something any single organization can do.

The most important thing ATPCO offers is a neutral stage for our industry colleagues to make it easier for airlines to compete on the quality of their services and for travelers to shop for the flight that meets their needs.

ATPCO connects our partners with the content and technology that will deliver value to the entire industry. We continue to evolve in step with the air travel industry and seize new opportunities to meet your needs.

This acquisition aligns completely with our mission to drive strategic innovation, reduce complexity, and deliver network economics to the entire distribution ecosystem. We’re creating a trusted industry standard for rich content and helping to bring a better merchandising experience to all points of sale.

When you combine the start-up style innovation from Routehappy with ATPCO’s long-established expertise, you get the best of both worlds. I’m proud for us all as we take this step toward fulfilling our promise of getting consistent rich content into the airfare marketplace.

If you have questions or want to further explore what this acquisition means for your organization, please don't hesitate to reach out.