Mission and Values

What fuels us as we support you

We believe in the power of data -- and the people using it -- to open new frontiers of customer experience and increased revenue. So go ahead and dream big. Our inspired portfolio of technology and services will help you find those "lightbulb moments" that spark your next moves.

Feel the power of:
- Content selectivity
- Flexible distribution frequency
- Personalized value for consumers, so you can differentiate beyond price
- High transaction capabilities
- Comprehensive data from over 400 airlines worldwide


We will continue to move the industry forward by connecting people and creating cutting-edge solutions. No stone will be unturned as we acquire and analyze deep airfare and travel industry insights so that we can be your trusted partner in driving innovation, reducing complexity and delivering network economics to the entire distribution ecosystem through standards, technology and effective governance.

We promise to

  • Make sure we're on top of our game, so you can be too
  • Go beyond our comfort zone to tackle unique challenges
  • Share every ounce of our deep pool of knowledge with you
  • Always evolve, setting the standards for today--and tomorrow

We love looking ahead. Our people are inspired by the work your people are doing on the front lines. Our long-lasting and wide-reaching industry connections inspire and inform us as we continuously improve ways of defining standards, empowering you and your customers, and helping your bottom line. So, welcome to ATPCO. Let's see what we can do together.

Our Values

Our Employees

Here to help. Known to care. We believe that people who are empowered and supported in their work will strive to nurture positive and trusted relationships with customers. Our employees are the most valuable asset we have for creating value for our customers, so we champion curiosity, learning, collaboration, and transparency. And we're happy to report, they make the most of it.

Our Customers

Without you, there's no us. Any challenge you have, we accept it. We are dedicated to creating valuable opportunities for all our customers, big and small, so we listen intently and respond quickly. We use our unique industry position (and resulting knowledge) to transform the way things are done for the benefit of all.

Knowledge Management

We eat, sleep, and breathe data. It's in our DNA to seek and share knowledge that will enable our customers' goals to take flight. We're eternally driven to grow our special airline-industry knowledge and expertise so that we can always be your go-to source for fare distribution and cutting-edge solutions.

Open Communication

No surprises. We value open, honest, and timely communication. As you forge a path in this fast-moving marketplace, we'll be the fair and friendly partner you can depend on to help you move fast and explore new opportunities with clarity.