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Next Generation Storefront

Build the retailing standards to revolutionize flight shopping

Compete in tomorrow's marketplace

Next Generation Storefront (NGS) is a data standard that allows travelers to comparison shop for flights and to find flights with the attributes that are right for them.  

How? It establishes a core set of retailing attributes that companies across the airline industry can rely on for consistent, impartial, and reliable data definitions. 

More conversions

Enable airfare search by a multitude of retailing attributes, important to specific shoppers

Upsell opportunities

Better differentiate airline offers, highlighting features beyond price and schedule when travelers are shopping and purchasing

Customer satisfaction

Consistently and accurately present airline products in modern comparison-shopping displays 

Shape the standard that is driving the future of flight shopping

Airline industry data experts from airlines, sales channels, and tech partners are invited to join ATPCO’s Design Team for NGS to stay at the forefront of defining core retailing attributes and a consistent approach to data processing. 

Join the Design Team for NGS

Better flight shopping for everyone 

The NGS standard empowers airlines to visually express their unique products and brand promises directly to travelers.  

Sales channels employ the NGS standard to consistently integrate flight shopping content into modern digital retailing experiences that allow for easy search and comparison of airline products. 

For travelers, NGS-based flight shopping means that a mother of three in New York can find the options she needs for the perfect flight for her family holiday, while a business traveler in Singapore can purchase the exact flight that enables her to confidently finalize a presentation while enjoying a glass of wine in her private suite. 

Shape the data standard that is driving the future of flight shopping.

Join the Design Team for NGS