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Next Generation Storefront

Build the retailing standards to revolutionize flight shopping

Compete in tomorrow's marketplace

The Next Generation Storefront (NGS) is a set of data standards that enable distribution channels to better present, sort, and find the airline products and services consumers are looking for. 

ATPCO and partners from every perspective are creating standards so consumers can clearly understand their diverse options in all sales channels—making them happier travelers and transforming them into loyal customers.

Compare shopping choices

Compare like products from multiple airlines through standardized data that describes services and delivers a framework for creating comparable products and attributes.

Shop by attributes

Search for offers by product quality, content, and capability—not just price—through data and processes that allow systems to group product attributes.

Display complete offers

Present all the relevant data for an offer so consumers know what they’re purchasing.

Simplify and enhance flight shopping

In our NGS Working and Advisory Groups, we are looking for diverse industry players who can ensure that the standard we deliver both reflects how all airlines wish to present their products and also empowers channels to easily integrate that content in a consistent and simple way. 

Join the NGS Working Group

What tomorrow’s displays could be

NGS standards will create the structure for new offer display models.

Ratings and Shelves for product comparison
A star or other rating system could indicate product quality, much as in the hotel industry


Attribute grouping and search
Highlight data Wi-Fi, beverages, changes, and other amenities to improve searching and product line definition


Present airline products in Drawers
Organize the different products an airline offers to help shoppers find the right level of service



Next Generation Storefront Industry Standard

The US Domestic standard is in progress with a proposed PDP date of 2Q 2021 at which time ATPCO will release a set of standardized data definitions.

The Next Generation Storefront Badge

The Next Generation Storefront Badge is a unique way to distinguish your organization as participating in the NGS ecosystem. 

Once a company is officially recognized in the ATPCO NGS Program by adopting the NGS standard (currently in development), that company is authorized to use a Next Generation Storefront Badge in accordance with the brand guidelines.




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