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NGS 101: what it is, what it's not, and what's in it for you

19 February 2020
19 February 2020

Next Generation Storefront (NGS) is the fastest-moving industry initiative in air travel. More than 60 organizations joined the community to help shape the standard, and it’s making news. In 2019, BTN, PhocusWire, TTG Asia, and other top trade media covered NGS in more than 200 articles and mentions. NGS industry trials reported 33% growth in overall bookings and 62% increase in premium bookings.

With NGS, airlines differentiate their offers, sellers design unique shopping experiences, and passengers easily find the flights they want. But do you really understand what NGS is, and what your organization can do to take advantage?

Join us for an engaging 90-minute session:

  • Understand core NGS concepts
  • Bust some myths about NGS
  • Learn where industry is going and how to get involved
  • Get all your NGS questions answered

For individuals and organizations that are new to NGS, this is your chance to get up to speed and join the industry community that drives the future of flight shopping.


gianni cataldo

Gianni Cataldo

Head of Research & Development

With over twenty years of leadership experience in global travel technology companies, Gianni is an innovative technology leader with extensive experience in curating and launching travel product solutions. Most recently, Gianni established an innovation labs strategy at ATPCO, partnering with early-stage startups and global airline brands to identify and leverage disruptive technologies, to drive new revenue streams.

anne kolodziej

Anne Kolodziej

NGS Program Manager

With over 28 years of experience in the airline industry, Anne serves as NGS Program Manager at ATPCO. During her tenure with ATPCO, she has worked in customer service and product development, supporting initiatives like Technology Transformation and leading the development of ATPCO’s platform for its pricing analysis applications. Currently, Anne is helping to define new standards for Next Generation Storefront as well as supporting innovation with our Bridge Labs program participants.

beth taylor

Beth Taylor

Head of Marketing

As head of marketing for ATPCO, Beth is an expert marketer who marries brand excellence with proven success in the strategic management and development of complex, data-driven business and marketing programs of global scope. Beth has 13+ years of marketing and data-driven experience across the high tech, management consulting, investment banking/finance, and airline industries.

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