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Partners in Innovation Council

Transforming the industry for the next generation of distribution

If you’re a trail-blazer, we want you

When you hear the word “disruption,” do your ears perk up? You’re in the right place. 

The ATPCO Partners in Innovation Council is a team of leaders who know how important it is to create new opportunities for airline industry to move beyond the status quo.

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Who should join?

  • Professional level: Directors and senior executives (director-level and above) across retailing, revenue management, distribution, and digital

  • Expertise: Experts in tech and digital who are forward-thinking and can bring new and emerging technology ideas to life

Drive industry leadership

  • Drive new capabilities and revenue opportunities—and determine the best approach for the future

  • Evaluate new and emerging technology, including blockchain, Next Generation Storefront, and dynamic pricing

  • Create tangible proof-points through agile testing

Don’t hesitate
—only three seats available per organization!


Key initiatives

Blockchain Governance and Standards

Blockchain is a method to format, verify, and distribute data and ensure offer and purchase validity. From proof of concept to reality, we’re exploring how it will drive airline innovation and shifts for channels and consumers.

Dynamic Offer Creation

Being able to display and sell products tailored to each customer’s needs is the essence of dynamic offer creation. Building the platform and pricing mechanisms that support it is key to successful industry implementation.

New Distribution Capability

NDC (New Distribution Capability) standards were established by IATA to better enable communications across the airline ecosystem. ATPCO is helping by delivering air price content via NDC APIs and creating one community marketplace.

Next Generation Retailing

We're creating standards so airlines can accurately represent their offers and so consumers can easily compare diverse offerings in all sales channels. Channel partners or airlines, low cost or full service—the NGS initiative captures every perspective.