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12 Feb 20
ATPCO Expands its European Footprint; Opens New Office in Bulgaria
New office in Sofia will house a specialized product development team focused on strengthening ATPCO’s retailing and Next Generation Storefront capabilities

ATPCO announced today it is expanding its European footprint with a new office in Sofia, Bulgaria. The new office will be a product development center for ATPCO, dedicated to strengthening the organization’s retailing and Next Generation Storefront (NGS)capabilities. The news falls on the two-year anniversary of ATPCO’s acquisition of Routehappy and reinforces the company’s commitment two of its key strategic priorities: Retailing and NGS

The new office will open with a team of five employees, with plans to scale to 15 employees by the end of 2020. This team will lead the development of ATPCO’s new NGS API and will be building a new product demo to help ATPCO rapidly scale its retailing efforts. The new team, which will be led by Boyan Hristov, has previously worked on retailing and tax calculation projects for ATPCO and come with hands on experience with ATPCO’s multi-faceted data sets.

Understanding and processing ATPCO data is a complex undertaking. As such, strategic hiring decisions are being made by ATPCO to support the development work that will take place in the new office, beginning with its first five employees. The new team members joining ATPCO are uniquely experienced with the airline industry and airline retailing data and are ready to begin work immediately. The new team will report directly to ATPCO’s Chief Product Officer Jaivin Anzalota and will work hand in hand with the global product, commercial, and retailing teams.  

“Investing in retailing and the enablement of our Next Generation Storefront are key focus areas for ATPCO and align with our top strategic priorities for 2020,” said Rolf Purzer, President and Chief Executive Officer at ATPCO. “With this new European office, we are closing resource gaps on the product team, and at the same time investing in our retailing capacity. ATPCO’s expansion is something we are all incredibly proud of, and we welcome them to the team.”

“The opportunity to join ATPCO and help to fundamentally shape its new retailing and NGS products was an offer my team and I couldn’t refuse,” said ATPCO’s new team lead Boyan Hristov. “Working for a company so embedded in the airline industry made a lot of sense for me and my team. Our former work with ATPCO and understanding of the data enables us to hit the ground running and make a big impact with a great team.”

The news continues a strong hiring trend for ATPCO, which also recently expanded its Retailing and Sales teams in its other global locations, including a key strategic hire in Q4, 2019 of Chris Phillips as its Head of Global Accounts. Phillips was previously the Managing Director of Global Distribution at Delta Air Lines and is working in this role from the London office. The company also hired additional airline retailing experts in both Singapore and London and officially formalized its New York City office which was the original Routehappy headquarters.

With the addition of its new office in Bulgaria, ATPCO now has offices in Dulles, VA, where the company is headquartered; London, UK; New York, NY; Miami, FL; and Singapore.

By Megan Humphries

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