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09 Jan 24
ATPCO signs Merchandising Deal with SAP Concur, Integrating the Trifecta of Routehappy Content Types into Concur Travel

ATPCO today announced that it has signed a multi-year agreement with SAP Concur for its merchandising solution, Routehappy. SAP Concur, the world’s leading brand for travel, expense, and invoice management, is already live with all ATPCO content types – Amenities, UTAs (Universal Ticket Attributes), and UPAs (Universal Product Attributes) in Concur Travel.

SAP Concur recently introduced the evolution of Concur Travel, a new end-to-end booking experience across air, hotel, and car rental bookings. As part of the new experience, Concur Travel is consuming the Routehappy API, allowing it to showcase more consistent and accurate content straight from the industry source - ATPCO.

The updated Concur Travel user interface goes beyond just price and schedule, to better differentiate the airline products, services, and travel experiences, that are included in its customers managed travel programs. SAP Concur is also one of the first channels to integrate ATPCO’s Premium UPAs into its seat map display, highlighting the amenities, restrictions, benefits and images of each fare displayed, allowing customers to have a better understanding of their options at the time of booking.

ATPCO’s own data from a consumer survey that was published in April also reinforces that consumers respond better to flight shopping results that visually showcase the flying experience over commoditized displays. 83% said they prefer to see images of the aircraft and amenities that feature real people and passengers.

ATPCO’s Head of Sales & Partner Success for the Americas, Doug Sharpe said, “The new Concur Travel experience highlights everything corporate consumers want to know about their flights before booking. Their innovative use of all three Routehappy content types is to be applauded.”  

By Megan Humphries

Media contact for ATPCO

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