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12 Apr 23
ATPCO surpasses 200,000 corporate and negotiated contracts processed via its Express Contracts solution

The new milestone means airlines have saved more than 750,000 manual coding hours and $53 million in coding cost

Corporate travel is back, and ATPCO’s Express Contracts is powering the resurgence. ATPCO today announced that it has now processed more than 200,000 negotiated airline contracts via its automated solution. Express Contracts streamlines the implementation of negotiated contracts between an airline and its corporate partners, enabling contracts to be available for sale in just hours, instead of days or weeks.

Express Contracts is managing contract volumes that are growing to double pre-Covid levels, supporting corporate demand. The 200,000 contracts processed through Express Contracts has reduced manual coding time by more than 750,000 hours for our partner airlines. This equates to approximately 85 labor years or $53M USD in improved efficiency for airlines focused on automating their process and accelerating their speed to market.

Express Contracts currently enables more than 25 airlines to automate their new and existing contracts so they can get them to market in hours instead of days.

Express Contracts, developed by ATPCO in partnership with Volaro, is an automated solution that delivers efficiencies airlines were looking for by significantly reducing the number of manual coding hours required to process negotiated and corporate contracts. It helps airlines automate their workflow and simplify the contracting process. Now, 92 percent of participating airlines’ contracts are being processed and distributed to the market within 2 hours, and half of those are completed in just 30 minutes, compared to their previous average manual processing time of 2 weeks.

“It’s so great to see business travel bounce back and to see a solution like Express Contracts helping our airline partners achieve greater customer satisfaction through faster access to individually negotiated contracts. The tool eliminates the legacy manual process for airlines and gets these new bookable fares in the market at a rapid rate,” said Ellen Lee, Chief Product and Marketing Officer at ATPCO. “We have heard time and time again from our airline partners that Express Contrast is a game-changer for them. It makes them more efficient, saves them time and improves their corporate customer satisfaction. Automation is no longer a ‘nice-to-have' but a ‘must-have.’”

Just as ATPCO reached the 200,000-contract milestone, the company also announced it has recently signed Air China and another large APAC-based carrier to Express Contracts. These new carriers join United Airlines, Southwest, GOL Airlines and many more. The welcome additions show growth in the region as travel restrictions have dropped and demand for negotiated contracts has increased.

By Megan Humphries

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