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08 Dec 20
Gulf Air and LATAM Airlines Modernize Direct Channels with ATPCO’s Routehappy Rich Content

Both carriers launch integrations featuring all three content types: UPAs, Amenities, and UTAs

At a time when more passengers are looking to book direct than ever before, two airlines—Gulf Air and LATAM Airlines—have announced innovative direct channel integrations, on both desktop and mobile, of ATPCO's Routehappy Rich Content, substantially improving their customers’ experience. Each airline worked hand-in-hand with ATPCO’s Retailing team to build the integrations.

Each integration leverages all three Routehappy Rich Content types: UPAs (Universal Product Attributes), Amenities, and UTAs (Universal Ticket Attributes) so customers on each channel have a more transparent, informative, and visually appealing digital shopping experience. Gulf Air integrated content in both Arabic and English, and LATAM Airlines in Spanish and English.

Gulf Air’s integration focuses on a UPA carousel which includes Reassurance UPAs and codeshare UPAs, while also highlighting Amenities and UTAs shown against each of its new branded fares: Light, Flex, Smart. The display is a prime example of how rich content and compelling design create a modern user experience.  

LATAM Airlines’ integration accompanies the revamp of its website to allow flight shoppers to see included Amenities in search results, enabling more transparency. It also makes navigation smoother for customers by presenting important UTAs like baggage allowance, change, and cancellation policies alongside Seat UPAs in the ‘Details’ section.

“Working directly with ATPCO’s Retailing team has been a great experience; we have had the full support of their experts in many joint design sessions and believe the initial integration will make our customers’ flight shopping experience exponentially better,” said Christopher Binnion, Senior Manager Revenue Management at Gulf Air. “We look forward to continued collaboration.”

Jorge Andrés Sierra Jurado, Digital Transformation Manager at LATAM added, “We quickly realized ATPCO would be a critical part of our transformation. It was important for us to be able to seamlessly fit retailing content representing our products into the new digital experience—Routehappy Rich Content gave us the flexibility we needed with a variety of formats.” 

Seth Anagnostis, Head of Retailing at ATPCO, said, “It’s been a great partnership with each airline. Our work with Gulf Air and LATAM Airlines teams is a proof point of the innovation that is happening in the industry right now. Both airlines prioritized these integrations amid the pandemic, which speaks to the strategic importance of rich content in airline retailing, especially during this time.”

When critical details about the flight experience are made accessible to flight shoppers through rich content integrations, airlines see increases to key metrics. Within weeks of launch, LATAM observed a double-digit percent increase in its Net Promoter Score (NPS), saw a three percent increase in conversion rate, and achieved a 60 percent faster time to purchase from customers.

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