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Press release
26 May 22
ATPCO Enters APAC Market with Japan Airlines and Malaysia Airlines Becoming the First Asian Carriers to Sign Architect Deals with ATPCO’s Premier Pricing Tool

Oneworld alliance members select Architect to streamline their individual pricing strategies

ATPCO announced today that two Asia Pacific carriers, Japan Airlines and Malaysia Airlines, have each signed multi-year individual deals with ATPCO for its premier pricing tool, Architect. Each airline was drawn to the tool’s next-generation capabilities and functionality which re-imagines traditional pricing management and fare filing processes, enabling airlines to transition from managing fares to managing their pricing strategy.  

Japan Airlines selected Architect after quickly recognizing the efficiency of the pricing workflows and ATPCO’s ongoing investment in delivering industry leading fare management innovation. Of significant interest for Japan Airlines was the Total Price feature that displays the full picture of the fares that flight shoppers see in the market, including the breakdown of taxes, surcharges, and carrier fees. Architect assembles this content automatically and calculates the “total price.” With this enhanced functionality in Architect, airlines can manage their pricing strategies at scale through the entire workflow using Total Price.  

Without Total Price, pricing analysts frequently make strategy decisions with incomplete data, which can result in errors, inaccurate analysis, delayed time to market, and missed revenue opportunities. With Architect assembling the data in a single calculation, analysts can now focus on optimizing revenue with faster access to the data they need and a more accurate view of the pricing their customers see in shopping results across sales channels.  

“Architect’s functionality allows our pricing analysts to see both the full picture or just the details needed to make pricing decisions in just a few clicks,” said Masanori Miyajima, VP Marketing Strategy, at Japan Airlines. “Architect displays the most accurate, real-time view of all fares in the market. The enhanced functionality in Architect is exactly what Japan Airlines needs to be competitive in the market.” 

Izham Ismail, Group Chief Executive Officer at Malaysia Airlines added, “The customer service from ATPCO and usability of Architect, along with the automation of the tool is what sealed the deal. The flexibility offered and the ability to customize means we can see what we need to see, while also enabling us to streamline the implementation of our pricing strategy. We were able to get up and running in only a few short weeks and are already benefitting from the clearer data Architect provides.” 

“As the industry continues its recovery from the effects of the pandemic, more airlines have the time and money to invest in solutions that help accelerate their recovery. Asian carriers were uniquely impacted by to COVID-19, with many countries implementing some of the strictest measures to combat the pandemic. We are happy to see the other side of this and to work with carriers like Japan Airlines and Malaysia Airlines to help them stay competitive in the market,” said Sam Lau, Head of Sales & Partner Success - APAC, at ATPCO. 

ATPCO is continuing to partner with all airlines—including Japan Airlines and Malaysia Airlines—to continually add new features and functionality to support its partners' efforts in achieving pricing excellence. 

By Megan Humphries

Media contact for ATPCO

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