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01 Oct 19
ATPCO’s Next Generation Storefront Poised for Global Expansion
New advisory boards announced in multiple international markets following ATPCO finalizing version one of the US domestic standard

Dulles, VA – 1 October 2019 – ATPCO today announced its Next Generation Storefront (NGS) Standard is expanding globally, forming new advisory boards for four international markets. The four advisory boards – Asia Pacific, Transatlantic, Transpacific, and Canada Domestic – will build on the success of version one of the U.S. domestic standard, which has now been finalized and will soon be published. 

The new advisory boards were introduced today at the company’s annual Elevate Conference in Washington, DC—exactly a year after ATPCO first unveiled its intent to develop the NGS standard. This highlights the rapid pace at which the NGS standard has been developed. The new advisory boards will consist of airline and distribution leaders who represent over 50 percent of flying capacity in each region where the standard will be applied. Each group will have oversight in creating and ratifying the definition of the NGS standard for its respective region.

Members of the new advisory boards include, Air China, British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, Skyscanner, and CWT along with American Airlines and Delta Air Lines. Additional members will be announced in the coming weeks. 

“The U.S. domestic evolution of NGS went at such an incredible pace and achieved success earlier than we were expecting,” said Gianni Cataldo, Head of R&D at ATPCO. “Our plan was to create the first standard here in the U.S. and then expand into international markets. The fact we are doing this one year after initially unveiling the standard, is something to be proud of. The positive industry reaction to, and participation in, what we are building has been incredible. We are really motivated to now branch into new markets based on the impressive interest shown by our partners globally.”

“We have been watching closely, the trial implementations of the U.S. domestic standard as it evolved. Now that version one of the U.S. domestic standard is complete, we jumped at the chance to be involved with shaping the APAC and Transpacific standards. It’s important to ensure all voices are heard in an equitable way, both channels and airlines,” said Lyrics Zhao, Director of Product and Business Development on Air Ticketing at Ctrip. “This standard can greatly help OTAs differentiate offerings that airlines are investing in, to indicate different service levels customers have access to, in an obvious and unified way. We are excited to be included in the conversation and planning.”

Fei Jia, Manager of Product and Services, Product Design, Sales at Air China reiterated the same sentiment for the Transpacific and APAC advisory boards. “Comparison shopping on third party channels has generally not shown all the investments in our products and fares. NGS is solving this problem and we are pleased to have a seat at the table in determining how the standard should be presented in the Asian market. Given the market differences between APAC, EMEA, and the U.S., we are encouraged to see ATPCO isn’t implementing a one-size-fits-all approach to the standard. We look forward to bringing our perspective to the advisory board.”
“It’s astonishing to think it’s been only a year since, together with ATPCO, American Airlines, United Airlines, and Delta Air Lines introduced NGS as a concept at Elevate 2018. The incredible traction and momentum that has built over the past year, from agencies and customers of all shapes and sizes, speaks to the growing need for retail transformation across all channels,” said Jeff Lobl, Managing Director Global Distribution Strategy at Delta Air Lines. “Thanks to NGS, the age of single-product shopping is finally coming to an end.”    

The newly formed advisory boards will be meeting monthly, either virtually or in-person, with each group conducting defined sprints to improve data quality and validity. Participation in the advisory boards are by invitation only, but ATPCO encourages all airlines, channels, and systems interested in participating in its working groups to join. For more information, visit

By Megan Humphries

Media contact for ATPCO

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