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11 Jun 19
TravelSky Signs Five-Year Deal with ATPCO For Pricing and Retailing Content
Largest GDS in Asia will integrate Routehappy Rich Content, Amenities, UTAs and UPAs, further broadening the reach of retailing content throughout Asia 

Dulles, VA – 11 June 2019 – ATPCO and TravelSky, the leading provider of information technology solutions for China’s aviation and travel industry, today announced that China’s largest GDS signed a five-year deal for both ATPCO’s pricing and shopping content. The deal makes TravelSky an ATPCO Basic subscriber of the world’s most trusted fare and pricing data and a subscriber to ATPCO’s Retailing Solutions, comprising Routehappy Rich Content, Ancillaries and soon, the developing Next Generation Storefront (NGS) standards. The agreement will dramatically expand the reach of rich content throughout Asia.

TravelSky is currently testing all three of Routehappy Rich Content types; Amenities, Universal Ticket Attributes (UTAs) and Universal Product Attributes (UPAs) and plans to integrate Amenities first into its OpenSearch airfare search engine to modernize and enhance its flight shopping display. TravelSky will work closely with ATPCO’s Retailing Solutions team and continue testing to determine customer preferences.

Amenities provide at-a-glance information about flight features while UPAs provide relevant media to describe an airline’s product and services by aircraft type, cabin, time of day, and more with UTAs providing easy-to-understand benefits and restrictions, like cancellation, refundability and boarding priority by fare.

TravelSky is one of the first channels in China to integrate Routehappy Rich Content. The Asian market is ripe for innovating its e-commerce channels to create more user-friendly shopping displays. This deal underscores the universal clarity that standardized attribute datasets offer, so that travelers understand their choices when they shop.

“TravelSky understands that e-commerce is the future of selling in the Chinese market, and we want to serve our customers with a richer experience through Routehappy Rich Content that ATPCO provides alongside its trusted fares and rules data,” said Qiongwei Sun, Deputy General Manager, Airline Business Department at TravelSky. “With simple API integrations we are able to give our flight shoppers a next-generation purchasing experience with deeper information about the ticket and product attributes related to the flight they are searching, translated in either traditional or simplified Chinese.”

ATPCO has a rich history with TravelSky dating back more than 10 years, first partnering with ATPCO to open the North Asia Fares Support office, which helped onboard more than 20 Chinese carriers to distribute their fare data via ATPCO. Later, ATPCO provided consultancy services as TravelSky began their journey to build an agency pricing engine five years ago. The new agreement will see TravelSky get all its pricing and retailing content from one source, making integration much easier.

"It’s an exciting new chapter of our partnership with TravelSky, going beyond ATPCO’s integral pricing data to integrate Routehappy Rich Content, which will fundamentally enhance the shopping experience of over a billion potential customers in China,” said Robert Albert, Executive Vice President of Retailing at ATPCO. “The differentiation of airline products is a worldwide trend and it's transforming our industry forever. Now, for the first time Chinese consumers get to say "ni hao" to modern flight shopping."

TravelSky is urging more Chinese and Asian carriers to partner with ATPCO in the creation and distribution of rich content so TravelSky can consume their Amenities, UTA and UPA content and get it in front of more passengers. To find out more about retailing subscriptions, visit

By Megan Humphries

Media contact for ATPCO

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