Airline Revenue Accounting

Identifying revenue leakage and increasing revenue can be costly, time-consuming, and rely on inaccurate manual processes. It's time to make this easier.

We're rethinking airline revenue accounting. Our Airline Revenue Accounting solutions automate and streamline your sales management and reporting so that you can easily navigate the interline settlement process. They integrate revenue accounting with your business' other operational needs, such as revenue management, to cohesively lower costs and improve efficiency.

Protect your revenue and free your people to make the most of their time with automated revenue accounting that ensures the accuracy of your interline billing, collection, and tax reporting.

Maximize your revenue

Reduce manual costs with automated solutions and prevent expensive errors.

Streamline processes

Increase the report accuracy and share interline data with partners to simplify billing and settlement.

Determine how well your airline is succeeding

Make informed decisions based on accurate sales and revenue data along with market analysis.

Airline Revenue Accounting Solutions

Passenger Interline Pricing & Prorate System


More than 20 years of fare and rule data, historical currency levels, and surcharges to support interline and sales audit processes.

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Revenue Accounting Settlement Services


ATPCO’s Revenue Accounting Settlement Services is a suite of NDC-compatible tools for interline partners that makes the settlement process easier and more reliable.

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