Airline Revenue Accounting - Passenger Interline Pricing & Prorate System

More than 20 years of fare and rule data, historical currency levels, and surcharges to support interline and sales audit processes.

We understand the frustration of needing to ensure accuracy and results without spending too much time and resources on audits, agreements, and disputes. Whether it's negotiation of special prorate agreements, setting interline prices, resolving interline billing issues, or completing fare audits, you need reliable fare and rule data that supports accurate revenue accounting.

ATPCO's Passenger Interline Pricing & Prorate System (PIPPS), the official ACH airline settlement tool for arbitration and dispute resolution, is the proven solution that saves your airline money and protects cash flow by speeding up shared-revenue disputes. And for your airline and revenue accounting service providers, PIPPS can be used as a reference tool for fare auditing and interline settlement processes when automation cannot provide a definitive result.

Accurate data from a single source

Store pertinent fare and rule historical data for complete fare audits - a critical step in processing error free sales data, ensuring airlines receive the revenue they earn.

Flexible proration functionality

Suitable with IATA Proration Agreements, ACH proration, and Special Prorate Agreements. PIPPS can also apply ACH methodology using both local and joint fares.

Trusted historical data

Access more than 20 years of fares and rules data, historical currency levels, and surcharges to support interline and sales audit processes.

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