Revenue Accounting Settlement Services

Your course for quicker, rejection-free settlement

ATPCO’s Revenue Accounting Settlement Services is a suite of NDC-compatible tools for interline partners that makes the settlement process easier and more reliable. This enables the airlines to have a quicker, rejection-free settlement, saving time and money.

Neutral Fare Proration

fully automates neutral prorate values for interline and online sales. NFP increases billing accuracy and speed, reduces costly in-house maintenance and interline rejections, and enables faster revenue recognition.

Own Prorate Exchange

enables you to transfer bilaterally agreed prorate information to interline partners using one convenient process. It standardizes records, eliminates multiple processes, and reduces the cost of alliance settlement.

Billing Value Determination

allows you to retrieve NFP or Own Prorate Exchange values at the time of uplift for planned and unplanned coupons. It enables fast, fully integrated interline billing and can eliminate the need for internal transaction storage.

Billing Value Confirmation

verifies that the values being billed are equal to the values generated through the NFP, Own Prorate Exchange, or Billing Value Determination process. It incorporates the prorate value, ISC, handling fee, and interline taxes.

First & Final™

interline billing is a fully integrated solution that makes first-time billings dispute-free and final. It combines NFP, Own Prorate Exchange, Billing Value Determination, and Billing Value Confirmation for accurate settlement.


enables automatic billing of interline coupons immediately after departure using RASS functionality and the IS process. From ticketing to settlement, it automates all processes to improve data quality and reduce costs.

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More than 20 years of fare and rule data, historical currency levels, and surcharges to support interline and sales audit processes.

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The only revenue accounting data source that combines official tax information with exception and carrier-specified amount data.

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