Airline Revenue Accounting - Revenue Accounting Tax Database

As taxes become more complex, airline revenue accounting needs to become more capable. Don't lose revenue from interline disputes, under-collected taxes, or overpayments.

That's why we created the only revenue accounting data source that combines official tax information with exception and carrier-specified amount data. Our Revenue Accounting Tax Database (RATD) supplies the industry with official tax rates that support needs from pricing to ticketing to settlement. Derived from the IATA Ticket Tax Box Service (TTBS), the RATD reflects the exact amounts to be collected and remitted for interline tickets. We provide an automated data file and enrich it monthly with carrier exceptions and CSA data to create a comprehensive, current and historical tax-data snapshot.

We're not afraid to call RATD a robust solution. Or a positive influence on your taxes. No matter what you call it, it'll help make sure you don't lose out on hard-earned revenue.

Increase billing and settlement accuracy

Access the global industry source for billing interline charges and fees.

Grow interline revenue

Optimize revenue by reducing settlement disputes and billing rejections.

Take advantage of a single source of tax data

Ensure accuracy and reliability by using the industry standard for tax billing and settlement.

Product Specifications

Select access as a monthly subscription file or as an online view in ATPCO’s FareManager Automated data file.

Receive a monthly structured data file of the tax data to feed Revenue Accounting solutions.

The format of the subscription file is aligned to ATPCO’s current tax subscription product.

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