Airline Contract Solutions - Simplified Rules

Streamline coding of negotiated contracts and reduce extensive training and labor costs.

You're always on the hunt for new business opportunities and partnerships—and to create the special pricing programs that'll capitalize on them. These programs, also known as negotiated contracts, can increase airline revenue but are highly complex due to the involvement of multiple partnerships. They require extensive employee knowledge and labor to implement them, which can eat away at that revenue. The more you can streamline these programs, the more profitable they can be. That's why we provide a more efficient way to code negotiated contracts, helping to reduce extensive training and labor costs, while improving accuracy and consistency.

Efficiently create new contracts

Create new rule templates to reuse for standardized contract types.

Get products to market faster

Decrease the time required to create new negotiated contracts and increase speed to market by up to 50%.

Confidently code

Improve accuracy and consistency by applying built-in safeguards to minimize coding errors.

Product Specifications

ATPCO’s Simplified Rules got its name for a reason: It enables airline pricing departments to easily and accurately code negotiated contracts in a simplified workflow. Its template concept enables you to quickly create new contracts that have the same provisions, without having to be an expert, and saves you time with a single input screen where you can easily code, reference, and audit your contract's provisions. And if you code data in Categories 25, 35, 1, 4, 10, 14, 15, 18 and 50, you're really going to love this thing.

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