Airline Profile

With the implementation of New Distribution Capability (NDC), airlines are eager to introduce customized and personalized pricing for their fares and optional services. But as the volume of connections balloons, the potential for being overwhelmed by an influx of messages increases.

New opportunities can sometimes cause headaches without the right technology. We won't let that happen to you.

We believe the NDC landscape needs to be able to communicate the conditions under which airlines are willing to respond to NDC-like requests for shopping offers, so you can control the flow of requests you receive. Our Airline Profile technology maintains a special set of rules and conditions that manage the communication between airlines and aggregators. It's the best way to securely control the data you want to distribute to systems, so you can achieve unprecedented levels of control over your products, what you choose to offer, and how you manage the order.

Anticipate your needs

Proactively establish whether an airline is NDC-capable for fares and services. 

Increase your control over the market

Dramatically reduce the number of undesired transactions and ensure systems get only the responses they need. 

Know how to be in control

Offer the right product to the right person, at the right time and place.

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