NDC Exchange

The industry gateway that connects airlines and sellers.

[Routehappy by ATPCO Announces Integration of Rich Content into NDC Exchange]

When we see a need, we do something about it. ATPCO and SITA have partnered to develop NDC Exchange, the community-driven marketplace that gives you an easy and cost-effective way to adopt NDC.

The solution works as a neutral hub connecting offers from airlines and travel sellers in a cloud-based, scalable environment with real-time message translation. NDC Exchange connects multiple airlines to many sellers with a single API, regardless of schema standard and version.

Whether you are an airline or travel seller using a pre-NDC API or you are still developing your API, the exchange has you covered. On one platform, you can extend your reach to traditional and non-traditional distribution points, reducing distribution costs and expediting interoperability across the ecosystem.

NDC Exchange even enables complete transaction processing and travel shopping through procurement--No more lack of conformity bogging down what should be an agile, profitable process for airlines and sellers.




"...ATPCO is providing us with the ability to combine our pricing data with rich content so that all our product offering information is in one place. As an existing Routehappy subscriber, NDC Exchange becomes even more valuable to us..." Read more > "NDC Exchange in my view is a single
API source that would enable the rapid growth of the
API connections across the industry."
Community-driven marketplace

Access common services and share the cost and effort across a wide user base.

Translates messages between various schema standards and versions

Get real-time translations from any industry standard schema to the latest version of NDC message, reducing development time and decreasing time to market.

Offers an industry solution to an industry initiative

Participate in an initiative led by IATA but requested by airlines that focuses on airline needs.

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