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Emerging initiative: Blockchain

What is blockchain?

Blockchain refers to a method of formatting, verifying, and distributing data. It allows digital information to be distributed but not to be changed. This means information can be shared reliably, securely, and efficiently. 

Why is it important? 

As airlines embrace more sophistication in offer generation, such as dynamic products, blockchain can become an authority to ensure the that the product offered is valid. 

How are we working on blockchain? 

Publishing papers, winning hackathons, and working with industry partners.

Blockchain and Offer Innovation Whitepaper

2018 September

Produced in collaboration with Blockskye, we developed a proof of concept paper describing the key features of blockchain and its applicability to airline distribution.


Partners in Innovation Council Meeting

2018 October

We gathered experts in the technology and digital space to participate in our blockchain thought leadership community. 


IATA AIR Hackathon Corporate Blockchain Prize

2018 November

We secured the corporate blockchain prize after pitching a blockchain-secured Traveler Wallet where travelers can store their personal preferences for flights and then receive personalized offers from airlines that match those preferences. 


[Blog] Eight Winning Ways to Rock a Hackathon

2019 January

We shared an insider’s look at competing at the IATA AIR Hackathon. 


[Webinar] Blockchain Like You've Never Seen It

2019 February

Our team who won the 2018 IATA AIR Hackathon Corporate Blockchain Prize presented a behind-the-scenes view into their new concept, Traveler Wallet. 


IATA AIR Hackathon

2019 April

We hacked an idea using a blockchain solution to support the order fulfillment, settlement, and reconciliation process for NDC transactions, creating an industry neutral solution to enable IATA ONE Order.


Partners in Innovation Council Meeting

2020 October

This group will reconvene to continue exploring industry standards and disruption. 



Ready to test drive a new idea before it is adopted in the industry? In our pilot programs we can help you confirm features, ensure solutions meet business needs, and map out a plan for implementation. Read more about some of our current pilots. 


To build on the momentum from the 2019 Dynamic Pricing Working Group, we are actively looking for partners to pilot Continuous Pricing Solution of Fares with Min/Max Range. Collaborate with us to learn more about illustrating how minimum/maximum ranges could be implemented in a sample market and walking through an end-to-end solution. 


In progress

With Sabre and Farelogix, we are exploring how a dynamic pricing engine (DPE) could dynamically adjust fares. The pilot is assessing message specifications, testing performance and other operational aspects, and establishing the elements and format needed to file fares through ATPCO.

The pilot emulates live transactions in a test environment. Sabre and Farelogix are each developing a DPE proof of concept that will receive a specific itinerary for a specific fare and airline, adjust the fare based on a set of criteria, and produce a file for ATPCO. Sabre, functioning as a pricing system in this program, recalculates the total amount, then ATPCO simulates filing the adjusted fare.



We’re investigating how Fare by Rule (Category 25) could adjust filed fares using PROS Dynamic Pricing to determine the level of discount. ATPCO and PROS are actively pursuing airlines to participate in this pilot.

In a test environment, PROS will determine the pricing and availability for an Internet booking engine (IBE) request by calculating an optimal price, associate that price with an RBD and a fare basis code, and then associate this optimal price with a discount code (account code) that will result in the correct end price for the RBD when calculated by the IBE engine.

Participating airlines will use Fare by Rule to “pre-file” the discount levels and associated account codes that will drive the discounts on the published fares. These codes and discount levels will be known to the PROS system.


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