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How can I reset my password?

Steps for restoring your access

To request a temporary password

If you have forgotten your ATPCO system password or have been locked out of the system, there are a few ways to have your password reset.

  • Reset your password directly from our login page
  • Have the user ID Authorizer of your company submit a password reset request via ATPCO Support.

To reset your password

  1. Go to and click Forgot.
  2. Enter your user ID in the User ID field. Select the checkbox to agree to our Privacy Policy.
  3. Complete the security protocol until the security code shows a green checkmark.
  4.  Click Submit.
  5. A message will be sent to the primary email address for the user ID that you entered. Open the message and click the approve link.
  6. A new email message will open. Do not change anything in the pre-set email. Click Send.
  7. In a few minutes, you will receive another email message with a temporary password. Click the link to return to
  8. Click Change.
  9. Complete the following 4 fields:
    • Enter your user ID in the ATPCO User ID field
    • Enter your temporary password in the Current or Temporary Password field
    • Enter a new password in the New Password field (Password must be 7 to 8 characters long and contain at least one number and one letter)
    • Re-enter new password in the Confirm New Password field
  10. Click Submit.
  11. A window will open with a message that your password was successfully changed. Click OK.
  12. Log in to FareManager with your new password.

Watch a step-by-step tutorial >

Has your password been revoked?

  • If an ATPCO user ID is never used, it will be revoked after 30 days. After 120 days the user ID is deleted automatically.
  • If a user ID has been used at least once, but is inactive for 90 days, it will be revoked. After 180 days of inactivity, it is deleted automatically.

How to get an ATPCO User ID and Password

To access the ATPCO Customer Center and ATPCO applications, you must be a current ATPCO customer in good standing. Your company authorizer can request an ATPCO user ID for you via ATPCO Support.