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Get to know ATPCO's Technology division

ATPCO is mission-critical for passenger travel pricing and solutions, we work behind the scenes as the connective tissue between airlines and distribution channels. Our customers are airlines, global distribution systems, and online travel agencies including most names across the travel industry: Google, Expedia, Skyscanner, Kayak, Amadeus, Sabre, TravelSky, United, Delta, American, Qantas, Lufthansa, Air France, Emirates. We ensure alignment between ATPCO’s technology choices, our business strategy, and the delivery of capabilities required to achieve business success.

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Industry Architecture
The Industry Architecture team aligns ATPCO's technology capabilities and investments with corporate strategy. We efficiently and accurately integrate ATPCO Platform solutions across ATPCO's product and technology groups, and we support the evolution of the corporate strategy based on the changing industry distribution landscape.

Technology Platforms Services
The Technology Platforms Services teams manage the foundational platforms that our product teams consume to build, deploy, and host scalable and reliable products and services. The platforms consist of our private and public cloud offerings while also offering 24/7 operations monitoring and support globally to maximize uptime for ATPCO products.

Information Security
The Information Security department protects ATPCO's platforms, applications, data, and users against cyber threats and ensures ATPCO's continued compliance with cybersecurity frameworks and standards. The InfoSec team manages digital identity and access across the enterprise and evaluates and monitors the software and services used at ATPCO to mitigate cyber risk.

Enterprise Workplace Services
The Enterprise Workplace Services team oversees enterprise application services, product investment reporting, and business request workflow. People on this team manage and support collaboration rooms, desktop tools, and shared applications used by ATPCO and our customers to ensure that internal and external business can be done effectively and efficiently.

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