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Alaska Airlines case study

The premier pricing management tool of the future

Airline pricing is complex, there’s no denying it. With data volumes increasing by the minute and having to manage multiple markets and pricing strategies, Alaska Airlines knew they needed a solution that was future-focused while still allowing them to keep current market needs in sight.     

They turned to ATPCO’s pricing management tool, Architect, to reduce workflow complexities, quickly execute strategic pricing changes, and more easily manage fare volumes. Now, Alaska Airlines has reimagined traditional pricing management and fare filing processes and is reaping the benefits of using the premier pricing management tool. 

The business need 

Rapid, strategic, and automated responses to market changes

Alaska Airlines needed to go from just managing fares to managing their pricing strategies. They had a complex market set and had built automation to manage competitive fares, but as strategies became more complex, their analysts could not easily make changes. They needed a tool that unlocked the full revenue potential of their network and pricing strategies while allowing them to be even more strategic and empower every one of their analysts to rapidly make changes.  

The solution

Simplifying the execution of pricing strategies with Architect 

ATPCO’s Architect was the solution that Alaska Airlines needed to take their pricing, automation, and market change management to the next level. Using Architect’s Blueprint feature, their team is now able to rapidly execute their pricing strategy to manage markets. They can also search and analyze integrated web fares for a holistic market comparison in a single place. Whether they want to see every detail or the big picture, with Architect, it’s just a few clicks away. 

Architect allows them the ability to manage markets quickly and easily, reprioritize their focus back to developing and managing strategies, and find new opportunities rather than spend time manipulating data, fixing avoidable errors, and making decisions with incomplete data.

“When ATPCO showed us the capabilities of Architect, we saw a clear vision that aligned with the way Alaska Airlines imagines the future of pricing management. Architect’s capabilities enable us to be even more strategic, and we are taking advantage of the efficiencies Architect offers to unlock the full revenue potential of our network and pricing strategy,” said Kirsten Amrine, VP of Revenue Management & Network Planning at Alaska Airlines. 

The results 

Spending less time in silos and more time working together 

Using Architect has allowed Alaska Airlines to flourish in more ways than one. They’ve been able to automate, customize, and streamline their pricing strategies efficiently so they can quickly respond to market changes.  

The oneworld Alliance is a global airline alliance that provides members the ability to work together to provide smooth travel experiences around the world. Being an Architect customer has helped Alaska to take full advantage of the benefits of joining the alliance because they can use the Blueprint module to create seamless fare products for travel across a truly global network while maintaining airline and pricing autonomy.  

Alaska Airlines has also taken advantage of Architect’s community model of product enhancements. With the ability to submit enhancement and new feature requests, they’re helping shape the roadmap of the tool to make it work for not only them, but also for the entire industry. 

“We were impressed by the support we received from ATPCO in training and during the migration to the Architect platform. Onboarding a new pricing system isn’t an easy thing to do, but the partnership with ATPCO and our shared vision gave the team comfort in making the transition,” said Jonathan Northard, Director of Sales Strategy, Operations and Analysis at Alaska Airlines. 


By tapping into the capabilities and power of Architect, and with help from the ATPCO team through onboarding and partnership, Alaska Airlines has streamlined their pricing initiatives, increased their teams’ efficiencies, and are well on their way to achieving pricing excellence. ATPCO’s Architect is the solution that acts as the bridge between where the industry is today and where we want to be tomorrow. Alaska Airlines is setting themselves up for the future of modern airline retailing—and ultimately, the evolution to dynamically created offers—by using Architect.  

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