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Issue 4

Demand stimulation, relevant offers, agile innovation

Demand stimulation, creating relevant offers, and agile innovation. These are the three themes industry partners are focusing on right now in our new reality. If we use this time to shift mindsets to facilitate affordable innovation by leveraging our partners, we can strategize new ways to boost traveler confidence.

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ATPCO creates structure for airline COVID-19 travel advisory measures

You spoke, we listened. To help you drive demand, we created Structured UPAs, a standardized version of data that can be easily integrated into any shopping display as a complement to Reassurance UPAs, covering five essential topics: cleaning, masks, temperature checks, blocked seats, and capacity.

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2 principles of pricing management to help you do more with less

Our teams are shrinking and we need to do more with less. This reduction in experience and invaluable knowledge is accelerating a demand from airlines for more automation and intuitive tools. Get advice on how you can make agility a key strategy to help drive innovation that matters for near-team solutions.

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Breaking down the building blocks of standards

How do travel agents and airlines know how much to refund or charge someone when a flight is cancelled? How do 400+ airlines, 10+ GDSs, and hundreds of websites produce consistent answers to flight shopping searches? Through ATPCO standards. A new series of iconography of the most referenced standards is helping ATPCO make understanding standards easier for everyone.

5 standards to know


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