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Issue 5

Avoid the headaches. Automate your change and refund policies.

The path to recovery requires a keen industry focus on automation more than ever before. And when the most common reason for billing disputes between airlines and travel agencies is because rules for voluntary changes and refunds weren't applied consistently, something is not right. This is where standards and technology come in to solve the issue.

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3 pricing solutions for different strategies

New solutions in automation will allow the industry to get work done faster and easier. No matter what your pricing strategy is, we're here to support you. Whether you need to more efficiently get products to market, be automatically notified when changes in the market happen, or set up rules to proactively apply according to your strategies, we have the correct tool for you.

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The two-part process to optimizing your airline's direct channel

While all airlines aspire to offer a clear and stress-free user experience, making improvements can be tortuous. In an interview with our experts, they'll explain how we created a service-oriented approach to smooth the path for airlines and help them reap the customer satisfaction and revenue benefits of targeted, dynamic, and innovative retailing content.

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Introducing Alex Zoghlin, new President & CEO

In case you missed it, join us in welcoming our new President and CEO, Alex Zoghlin. In his first letter to the industry, Alex knows he's starting career-defining work, motivated by the value added rather than the profit maximized. You won't want to miss how he plans to drive success for the entire industry.

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