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The Foundation Newsletter

Issue 6

Top 7 tips for communicating to air travelers in 2021...and beyond

75% of surveyed travelers consider contactless options to be extremely or very important, especially young travelers and those who fly more frequently. What other airline COVID-19 measure do travelers value most? Stop guessing what flight shoppers are thinking. Communicate with your customers using up-to-date insights from the 2021 Routehappy Content Traveler Survey.

7 tips for communicating

Innovative & agile? How industry standards can be both and what it means for you

If we learned anything during the last year, it’s that the airline industry must be able to adapt quickly and efficiently. This forced us to explore how delivering the right industry standards fast could accomplish change, and the answer seemed easy: “Let’s be innovative and agile”. But is it possible for industry standards development to be innovative and agile at the same time?

Find out the answer

3 ways airlines can leverage being an ATPCO Community Participant

Did you know you can save over 2 hours a day just by using the Change Monitoring feature in MarketView? The opportunities are endless when you work with the most complete and flexible data and tools. Discover how airlines can harness the power of structured data, uncover new insights on competitive data, become an ATPCO Community Participant, and more.

Discover 3 ways


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