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A newsletter by ATPCO, The Foundation uses our unique position as an industry resource to bring you the latest insights, news, and ideas covering all aspects of flight shopping.

May 2021 | Issue 7

Optimize your opportunities

  •   C-suite chat with Dave Siegel: Three major shifts in the next five years 
  •   The better metasearch for differentiated airline offers
  •   Decoding airline industry acronyms


April 2021 | Issue 6

Escaping routine

  • Top 7 tips for communicating with air travelers
  • Can industry standards be both agile and innovative?
  • Save 2 hours a day with Change Monitoring, and other ways to benefit from being a Community Participant


January 2021 | Issue 5

Kickstart creativity

  • Avoid the headaches. Automate your change and refund policies.
  • 3 pricing solutions for different strategies
  • The two-part process to optimizing your airline's direct channel


November 2020 | Issue 4

Bite-sized innovation

  • Top 3 industry themes for the new reality
  • Structured UPAs making safety easier to integrate into shopping displays
  • The 5 most referenced ATPCO standards you should know


September 2020 | Issue 3

Persevering after an industry punch

  • The rising value of APIs in a troubled industry
  • Effective retailing helps fliers decide to travel
  • Interoperable airline distribution is the key


July 2020 | Issue 2

Strength in partnership

  • ACH and ATPCO announce next generation settlement services platform
  • Routehappy founder transitions to a new role
  • Connecting the ecosystem to rapidly changing pricing content


May 2020 | Issue 1

Resilience depends on adaptability

  • Emergency flexibility for conditions on existing tickets
  • Building trust with flight shoppers through visual displays
  • Getting the help you need from our experts

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