It's time.

ATPCO is acquiring Routehappy.
Now you can put your rich content plans into motion.

This acquisition connects Routehappy's airline rich content with ATPCO's industry-standard airfare data, streamlining the flight shopping experience across all points of sale. Read the Press Release.

We’re not the only ones excited.

"This is a huge win for moving the industry away from selling a commodity to showcasing an experience. As online shopping experiences and traveler expectations change, the widespread adoption of rich content will enable us all to differentiate our offers and show our customers the experience they are purchasing. This just makes sense for the industry and travelers."

-- Jerry Foran
Head of Product Delivery
Global Revenue at British Airways


"Routehappy has helped United differentiate our products and services in clear and meaningful ways. The tools Routehappy offers enable a more seamless shopping experience for our travel agents and customers."

-- Tye Radcliffe
Director of Distribution at United Airlines


Make your offers stand out everywhere they are sold so you can increase conversion opportunities through a consistent and bold presence.

Sellers and Distributors

Trust you have the industry's most comprehensive pricing data and associated rich content to accurately describe each airline's offer.


Airlines, retailers and travelers each benefit from the economies of scale created by centralizing rich content with ATPCO and Routehappy.

Meet Routehappy

Routehappy has spent the last seven years solving a flight shopping problem: flight search was too focused on price and schedule, despite the breadth of product differences available today.

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How people use Routehappy data

Each customer can customize their integrations to meet their own business goals for fitting rich content seamlessly into their systems.

See rich content in action


ATPCO and Routehappy

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This Is Bigger Than Just Us

It’s time to deliver trusted rich content at every point of sale.

February 1, 2018 marks an important occasion in ATPCO’s 53-year history: we acquired Routehappy, making them an industry standard for airline rich content and taking a significant step toward our vision to empower smart connections of all content through all channels.

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Airline data platform ATPCO acquires rich content provider Routehappy.
Press Release

ATPCO, the leading source for airline industry pricing and shopping data, today announced the acquisition of Routehappy, the airline industry’s leading rich content provider for flight shopping.

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It’s time to give travelers what they want.
White Paper

Traveler expectations for online shopping experiences have changed. We’re used to seeing photos of products and hotel rooms and knowing what amenities are available before we hit that “Buy” button. The airline industry is too smart to be left behind.

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