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Routehappy Content

Differentiate airline offers with rich content.

Routehappy Content

How airlines make offers visually compelling

When your customers want to know more about the specific details of an airline offer, ATPCO can help. ATPCO’s Routehappy Content communicates targeted information, messaging, and visual content about airline fares, products, and services.

Our airline-rich content consists of three types—UPAs, Amenities, and UTAs—that are always relevant to the offer being presented and cover the full range of airline and sales channel needs. Routehappy Content helps airlines and sales channels differentiate offerings in-flight shopping displays, improving conversion, upsell, and customer satisfaction.

We make it easy to publish the content centrally, distribute it broadly (including via NDC), and integrate it flexibly in any sales channel.

UPAs (Universal Product Attributes)

Targeted messaging and visual content from airlines

UPAs bring unique airline fares, products and services to life with messaging, images, videos and cabin tours.  UPA content can be highly targeted by aircraft, cabin, route, time of day, fare, and more, giving travel agents and customers time-sensitive and relevant content as they shop.

UPA product information
Airlines Channels
  • Standardized UPAs are included with Community Participation
  • Retailing subscription required for Premium UPAs, including ATPCO strategist creation/maintenance
  • Airline or ATPCO provides messaging
  • Airline provides media
  • Content available to all subscribing channels
  • Codeshare UPA facilitation 
  • Seat Infographic UPAs for 468 airlines (99% of flights)
  • Structured UPAs for 332 airlines (94% of flights)
  • Reassurance UPAs for 128 airlines (81% of flights)
  • Premium UPAs for 30 airlines (33% of flights)
  • Language translations as provided by airlines
  • Codeshare UPAs as provided by airlines
  • API or subscription file

Standardized UPAs for highlighting the basics

Reassurance UPAs

Structured UPAs

Seat Infographics

Premium UPAs for infinite possibilities

Fare / Ancillaries

Seat / Time

Amenities / Service

Airport / Lounge

Schedule / Frequency

Codeshare / Partnerships


Comparable features of the flight experience

Our comprehensive flight Amenities data helps airlines and sales channels convey expected features of the onboard experience, including seat pitch/type, Wi-Fi, power, entertainment and more. Our Amenities data also makes it easy to compare those features between seat types within an airline or across airlines.

Amenities product information
Airlines Channels
  • ATPCO sources & manages (airline verification rights)
  • Public content available to all subscribing channels
  • Airline direct channel usage with subscription
  • 468 airlines
  • 99% of flights
  • 25+ languages
  • All codeshares & interlines
  • API or subscription file

UTAs (Universal Ticket Attributes)

Consumer-friendly benefits & restrictions by fare

UTAs are benefits and restrictions by fare, in plain, simple language that make it easy for travel agents and customers to understand. UTAs are sourced from airline ATPCO fare, branded fare and optional service filings and then processed into clear and concise merchandising content.

UTA product information
Airlines Channels
  • ATPCO creates UTAs from airline filed data
  • Content available to all subscribing channels, as authorized by airlines
  • Airline direct channel usage with subscription
  • 411 airlines
  • 92% of flights
  • 25+ languages
  • All codeshared & interlines
  • API or UTA data kit

Starting with UPAs is easy!

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