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Reassurance UPAs

ATPCO creates Reassurance UPAs to ease traveler concerns

What are Reassurance UPAs?

Reassurance UPAs (Universal Product Attributes) are illustrative graphics with messaging inspired by important information to make passengers feel safe and protected when they fly.

Reassurance UPA Categories

These messages are grouped into ten categories:

Flexible Booking Options

Clean Air Circulation

Enhanced Cabin Cleaning

Food & Beverage Hygiene

Real-time Health Safety Responses

Increased Airport Cleaning

Passenger & Crew Wellbeing

Schedule Adjustments

Larger Hand Sanitizer Allowed

Health Screening in Place

Why Reassurance UPAs are important
for airlines

Reassurance UPAs communicate key messaging related to COVID-19 directly to travelers. ATPCO uses the language and policies of airlines and combines them with graphics to accurately and succinctly communicate COVID-19 policies and responses through channels across the world. 

Why Reassurance UPAs are important
for channels

ATPCO has created Reassurance UPAs for more than 120 airlines airlines from around the world representing over 80% of the global flight schedule. Communicating the unique messaging of each airline, Reassurance UPAs provide travelers with access to accurate, relevant, and influential information that eases travel concerns. 

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