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Rich content solutions for sales channels

Modernize your flight shopping experience

Create next-generation shopping displays

Routehappy powers rich content for flight shopping, helping sales channels find and source the most accurate airline product content in the market.

Engaging merchandising improves brand awareness, the shopping experience, and customer satisfaction. Most importantly, it helps sales channels increase revenue and yield through improved conversion and upsell. As the world’s only airline-owned and IATA NDC-supporting rich content provider, Routehappy is the standard for airline rich content.


Comprehensive flight amenities data provides consumers precise, targeted information about the onboard experience at a glance:

• Seat
• Aircraft
• Layout
• Wi-Fi
• Entertainment
• Power
• Food
• Beverages

Amenities data covers virtually every flight by cabin for approximately 350 airlines and nearly 100% of all flights worldwide. At-a-glance cabin features are translated into more than 25 languages.

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UTAs (Universal Ticket Attributes) are standardized, easy-to-integrate fare benefits and restrictions. This consumer friendly, at-a-glance merchandising content is based on ATPCO Branded Fares and Optional Services filings. UTAs are translated into more than 25 languages and include the following data elements:

• Brand names
• Fare families (brand codes)
• Industry and carrier defined sub codes
• Standardized headlines and descriptions
• Assessment metadata for comparison grids
• Penalties and fees

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UPAs (Universal Product Attributes) are rich content that showcase and bring unique airline products and services to life. UPAs are targeted by aircraft, cabin, route, time of day, fare, and more, giving travelers relevant and useful merchandising content while they shop:

• Photos
• Graphics
• Videos
• 360-degree tours
• Descriptions
• Captions

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How it all fits together

Both airlines and channels can use rich content to build informative and enticing shopping displays.


Here’s how: This sample shopping display highlights all three categories of Routehappy Rich Content, which improves the flight shopping experience for travelers while offering upsell revenue opportunities for airlines.  



Promote agent and
traveler confidence with
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