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Routehappy Rich Content

Differentiate your offers with rich content

Showcase standout products and create next-gen shopping displays

Routehappy powers rich content for flight shopping, helping airlines and distributors differentiate and better monetize their products.

Acquired in 2018, Routehappy is now fully integrated with ATPCO and together we are creating modern retailing solutions for airlines and sales channels.

For airlines

Engaging merchandising improves brand awareness, the shopping experience, and customer satisfaction. Most importantly, it helps airlines increase revenue and yield through improved conversion and upsell. As the world’s only airline-owned and IATA NDC-supporting rich content provider, Routehappy is the standard for airline rich content.

For channels

Rich content is essential for modern flight shopping. Without relevant descriptive and visual content by product and fare, consumers are confused by their ever-expanding options. Routehappy Rich Content solutions merge the industry’s most reliable, comprehensive fare data with consumer-friendly, standardized rich content.

For Airlines - Engaging merchandising
For Channels - Rich content

What is rich content?

Routehappy standardizes the formats of Amenities (flight scores and cabin  data, including aircraft, seat, layout, entertainment, Wi-Fi, power, fresh food, and relative duration). The UTA Hub standardizes ticket attributes (like cancellations, seats, and upgrades), and the UPA Hub holds product attributes (such as images and descriptions).

How people use Routehappy data

How people use Routehappy data

Each customer can customize their integrations to meet their own business goals for fitting rich content seamlessly into their systems.

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