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The membership built for airlines

Community Participation is the industry foundation of modern airline retailing

Begin your airline’s modern retailing journey   

There’s one gateway for your airfare products: ATPCO. Why? When you’re an ATPCO Community Participant, you gain access to hundreds of channels, tools, and tech that help you create content, and analysis data you can rely on.   

Whether your airline is focused on direct, filed, NDC, or dynamic offers, ATPCO makes sure that your data flows correctly, enabling interoperability throughout the airline retailing ecosystem. 

We’re a community for airlines of all sizes and business models, and our members change the future of pricing and retailing in our councils and design teams.   

Create, strategize, present, and distribute your offers 

Easily create

Create and publish your products everywhere at once using Fares, Rules, Footnotes, Linked Alliance Fares, Routings, Answer Tables, Simplified Rules, and Optional Services within FareManager.

Effectively strategize

Effortlessly access and view valuable market insights with Architect Query to support your data-driven pricing strategies.

Clearly present

Go beyond just filing fares by showcasing your investment in your customer’s onboard experience with Routehappy Amenities and create upsell opportunities with Branded Fares.  

Precisely distribute

More than 120 channels use our data to build compelling shopping displays. Online travel agencies, corporate travel management systems, metasearch engines, direct channels, and every GDS trusts us to be their most reliable, complete source of data.

Data and tools to elevate your offers


Consistently distribute clear and appealing offers with optional services everywhere to market new products, improve upsell, and increase brand loyalty. Organize your fare products into brands and reach travelers at any shopping point.

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Branded Fares
branded fares

Branded Fares

Create upsell opportunities and enable better decision-making for shoppers by clearly detailing fare inclusions and exclusions

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Express Contracts
express contracts

Express Contracts

Get your private fares to market faster when you automate the filing of your Fare By Rule and negotiated contract data and simplify your workflow.

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ATPCO-maintained industry data  

ATPCO maintains data across three categories for all Community Participation airline members, enabling interoperability across the modern airline retailing ecosystem.

routehappy amenities and seat infographic data

Routehappy Amenities and Seat Infographic data 

Amenities and Seat Infographic data is aircraft-specific information collected by  ATPCO researchers. Crucial in clearly communicating the onboard experience of a flight, Amenities and Seat Infographics data helps shoppers understand what to expect from and easily compare between offers. 

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Airline-specified tax data 

Airlines across the world rely on accurate data from ATPCO used by distribution channels to facilitate the collection of ticket taxes and Passenger Facility Charges.  This data enables the accurate processing of ticket taxes and Passenger Facility Charges (PFCs), including airline exception data, and keeps continuity with local mandates and promotes financial integrity. 

airline-specified tax data
rules and RBD data

Rules and RBD data 

Rules and RBD data enable the seamless interaction between codeshare and interline partners, providing the foundation for over USD 50 billion of annual interline and codeshare segments. Through this data, airlines designate which partners can access specific content, how those partners can use this content, and ensures the accurate settlement of revenue.  

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Community Participation guide

Community Participation

Share the benefits of joining ATPCO’s Community Participation

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Branded Fares white paper

Learn how your airline can create upsell opportunities with Branded Fares 

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