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Reach every shopper with content you can trust

Get the data you need from one dependable source 

You need data that works everywhere. ATPCO gathers that interoperable data straight from the airlines so you can power your systems and satisfy your customers.

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atpco distribution
Committed to supporting NDC solutions at scale
  • Design Team: New Distribution Capability (NDC) 
    Exploring how NDC can be implemented using ATPCO infrastructure as an industry utility. 
  • Design Team: NDC Solutions 
    Providing an environment for industry stakeholders to build a community to promote the key conditions necessary to get NDC to scale.
  • Open Source Technology 
    Extending opportunities to explore the coding that powered ATPCO’s NDC Exchange platform.

Explore NDC solutions

atpco distribution
Powering your systems with the industry’s trusted, most reliable data
  • Airline fare data 
    Access the data you need for pricing displays in GDS, offer management systems, booking engines, metasearch sites, advertising, TMCs, and OTAs.  
  • Ancillaries 
    Data that powers baggage and other services so you can integrate and display differentiated products to consumers.
  • Taxes and Fees 
    Centralized, automated tax information on priced itineraries, ancillary services, and other fees for total fare calculation.  
  • Routehappy 
    Descriptive attributes and visuals that modernize your shopping experience, improving conversion, upsell, and customer satisfaction.  
  • Revenue Accounting 
    Confirm that sold fares and services are consistently reported and settled, and power your revenue management processes on optimal data. 

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atpco distribution
Expand your business using our APIs for accurate, standardized data
  • For airlines 
    Merchandising APIs with direct access to Routehappy content (UPAs, UTAs, and amenities).
  • For sales channels and systems 
    Merchandising APIs with direct access to Routehappy content (UPAs, UTAs, and amenities).

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At the forefront of change and the center of distribution

We facilitate the flow of air travel data across the ecosystem, ensuring its consistency by driving and managing its standards. Our airline pricing data is the most complete primary source for any distribution method.


  • Pricing and shopping systems
  • Passenger services systems
  • Travel retail and advertising
  • Metasearch engines
  • Offer management systems
  • Revenue accounting services
  • Ancillaries and merchandising
  • Reporting, trending, and BI
  • Departure control systems
  • Internal airline systems
  • Global distribution systems


diagram showing ATPCO as the center of distribution

We're here to make distribution easy

From ATPCO to you, and between you and your partners

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