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New Distribution Capability (NDC)

Unlock the power of NDC and transform flight shopping forever

The pipeline for interoperable data in the NDC community 

NDC (New Distribution Capability) standards were established by IATA to better enable communications across the airline ecosystem. ATPCO is supporting the expansion of NDC by leveraging existing infrastructure and sharing our API technology to connect all content to all channels.  

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The NDC Design Team: Defining the path forward 

This team of industry players is defining an actionable path for differentiating offers in an NDC paradigm, using existing ATPCO infrastructure, and designing an industry solution that all airlines and their business partners can get behind. Interested in joining?

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The NDC Solutions Design Team: Driving adoption

This team is focused on NDC adoption and deeply understanding the challenges related to industry alignment and large-scale usage of NDC in order to drive a common and practical direction for mass NDC adoption. Interested in joining?

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Democratizing the coding for connectivity 

In addition to the work we’re doing to make NDC capabilities more accessible through interoperable standards with our design teams, ATPCO is making the NDC Exchange technology and code available to the industry upon request.

Interested in getting early access to the code?

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Is enhancing distribution your happy place?

Join the efforts to improve the distribution of pricing and merchandising data.

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