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Universal Product Attributes

Bring airline offers to life with targeted messaging and visual content

UPAs describe fares, products, and services with visual content

UPAs (Universal Product Attributes) increase conversion and drive upsell by bringing airline offers to life with targeted messaging, images, videos, cabin tours, and 360 images that clearly visualize the differences between offers.

UPA content can be precisely targeted by aircraft, cabin, route, time of day, fare, and more, delivering flight shoppers the information they need to confidently and comfortably make purchase decisions.


UPAs targeted messaging

Data that benefits everyone



  • Standardized UPAs are included with Community Participation
  • Retailing subscription required for Premium UPAs, including ATPCO strategist creation/maintenance
  • Airline or ATPCO provides messaging
  • Airline provides media
  • Content available to all subscribing channels
  • Codeshare UPA facilitation 
  • Seat Infographic UPAs for 514 airlines (99% of flights)
  • Premium UPAs for 41 airlines (43% of flights)
  • Language translations as provided by airlines
  • Codeshare UPAs as provided by airlines
  • API or subscription file

Benefits of UPAs

Differentiate offers and accurately represent your brands

Airlines work hard to differentiate offers. UPAs enable airlines to stand out from the competition by clearly highlighting differences between offers.

Drive conversion and increase upsell

When customers can visualize the features and benefits of what they are buying, they feel empowered to confidently and comfortably make purchase decisions.

Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty

Your customers expect a modern flight shopping experience beyond just price and schedule. Routehappy helps deliver this.

Types of UPAs

Premium UPAs

Premium UPAs open the door to endless merchandising opportunities with images, videos, cabin tours, 360 images, and targeted messaging. This content can be highly targeted by aircraft, cabin, route, time of day, fare, and more, enabling airlines to differentiate and accurately represent their unique brand across all channels.

Key features

  • Created for 41 airlines (42% of flights)
  • Can be highly targeted and customized
  • ATPCO strategist creation/maintenance
  • Codeshare UPA facilitation
  • ATPCO Retailing subscription required
  • Seat Characteristic Targeting

Get started with Premium UPAs

Premium UPAs

Infinite possibilities

Fare / Ancillaries


Seat/ Time


Amenities / Service


Airport / Lounge


Schedule / Frequency


Codeshare / Partnerships


Premium UPAs
Premium UPAs

Seat Infographic UPAs

Seat Infographic UPAs provide simple visualizations and messaging for specific seat products. These graphics allow fliers to know what to expect while on board when it comes to seat width and pitch, leg room, reclining, and more.

Key features

  • Created for 514 airlines (99% of flights)
  • Included with ATPCO Community Participation
  • Seat Characteristic Targeting (extra legroom)

Get started with Seat Infographic UPAs

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