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Universal Ticket Attributes

Easily compare fare benefits and restrictions

UTAs are consumer-friendly benefits & restrictions by fare

UTAs (Universal Ticket Attributes) are benefits and restrictions by fare, in plain, simple language that make it easy for travel agents and customers to understand. UTAs are sourced from airline ATPCO Fares, Branded Fares, and Optional Services filings, and are then processed into clear, concise merchandising content.

UTAs are consumer-friendly benefits & restrictions by fare

Data that benefits everyone



  • ATPCO creates UTAs from airline filed data
  • Content available to all subscribing channels, as authorized by airlines
  • Airline direct channel usage with subscription
  • 450 airlines
  • 93% of flights
  • 25+ languages
  • Codeshare & interline
  • API or UTA data kit

UTAs make flight shopping easier

Access the industry’s broadest, most reliable data source

With UTA data from 450 airlines and 93% of flights, ATPCO has the most robust set of airline fare-related data.

Data that speaks your language

ATPCO UTA data is available in 25+ languages to meet your customers’ needs.

Distribution methods that meet your needs

Whether you prefer API or FTP, ATPCO has the data subscription options you want. 

Start meeting flight shoppers’ needs today

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