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Premier pricing management tool for achieving pricing excellence

Modern airline retailing starts here

Data volumes keep increasing, which makes it increasingly important to respond to market changes quickly, while simultaneously managing multiple markets and pricing strategies. Spend less time manipulating data, making decisions with incomplete data, and fixing avoidable errors, and more time optimizing your pricing strategies.

Architect features a web-based, integrated fare management workflow that offers you the highest quality pricing data available, and supports rapid, strategic, and automated responses to market changes.

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Discover why airlines are choosing Architect

Execute strategic pricing initiatives faster

Analyze, create, and automate simple or sophisticated pricing strategies efficiently, so you can respond quickly to the market.

Reduce common workflow complexities

Work globally and between teams with streamlined processes, approval requirements, automated actions, and historical record-keeping.

Manage increasing fare volume easily

Architect’s cloud platform offers scalability and the support needed to meet the increasing demands of modern airline retailing.

Experience a community-driven solution

Customer feedback helps guide the development of future Architect enhancements.

Innovative features to simplify execution of pricing strategies

Architect offers a variety of innovative features that can be configured to support your pricing initiatives and increase your teams’ efficiency.

Rapid strategy execution through Blueprint

Reduce airline pricing complexity and quickly update market position based on your pricing strategy for fares and footnotes. Blueprint allows you to create and automate predetermined strategies based on your conditional rules so you can manage multiple markets with seamless workflows and expand your focus to other opportunities.

Rapid strategy execution through Blueprint
Act quickly on price points with integrated Web Fares

Act quickly on price points with integrated Web Fares

Better data leads to better decisions. See a comprehensive view of web-scraped fares that have been loaded into Architect and integrated with Blueprint to search and analyze the web fares for a full market comparison in one place.

Manage market position with Total Price and Reverse Total Price 

Stay ahead with access to complete data whether you’re analyzing the total price and breaking down all the key fees and charges of the all-in fare or using Reverse Total Price to create a base fare that can be filed. 

Manage the Total Price market position
Monitor the market with Change Query

Monitor the market with Change Query

Analyze market changes and actions and stay informed with notifications when new changes are available in your saved queries. Reported changes include fares, footnotes, and rules for the subscriptions you query. 

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Join the growing community of airlines who have increased their revenue up to 3 percent with Architect.​


ATPCO Architect overview

Architect Blueprint overview

Learn more about Blueprint.


Japan and Malaysia Airlines

ATPCO enters APAC market with Japan Airlines and Malaysia Airlines

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Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines signs multi-year Architect deal with ATPCO

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