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I hope you and your family are doing well in this time of extraordinary challenge to our industry. This is unlike anything we have seen before, and while that may feel daunting, I want to personally assure you that… Read More
One of the groundbreaking startups we worked with this year was Pilota, which uses artificial intelligence to predict flight disruptions and rebook a new option. They’re remarkable in how much they achieved in such a… Read More
This blog was written by Amadeus's Ludo Verheggen, Director of Global Air Content Adoption Strategy, Travel Channels, and originally appeared on the Amadeus blog page. Think of 5th Avenue in New York, Avenue Montaigne… Read More
Maximizing revenue from ancillaries is a hot topic across the airline industry. As ticket prices become increasingly competitive and margins thin, airlines are looking for ways to bolster revenue but remain competitive… Read More
American college football season has begun, with universities across the country ready to vie for on-field supremacy in this long-held US tradition. But through a peculiarity of geography, many of the games involve… Read More
Last week I had the pleasure of attending the World Aviation Festival, the largest conference for airline and airport business models. In London, more than 4500 attendees representing all sectors of the airline business… Read More
Darie Dreptate, ATPCO’s new Director of Distribution, shares how distribution is at the epicenter of airline pricing data Welcome to another entry in our director's vlog series, where we interview some of the top… Read More
First-rate networking opportunities, engaging talks, and inspiring panels have been the cornerstone of Elevate, ATPCO’s global conference. This year, we are thrilled to host at the Gaylord National Resort &… Read More
One thing that’s special about the airline industry is that its people have a dedication I’ve never seen elsewhere. Careers span decades, and ATPCO is lucky to have these enthusiastic experts. But one in particular… Read More
Imagine you’re told there’s a conference coming up and your boss wants you to attend. Immediately, you refresh your memory on your company’s corporate travel policy and start to look for airfare. The problem is, you… Read More
Do you know what the leading cause of interline rejections are? Tax mistakes. In fact, mistakes with taxes accounted for over 40% of all first-stage rejections in the IATA Clearing House (ICH) in 2017! This means many… Read More
Airline distribution is continuously changing, but NDC is causing a seismic shift from product development to consumer friendliness, explains Director of NDC, Solutions, and Partnerships, Graham Wareham. Welcome to… Read More
Danny Finkel is no stranger to the airline industry. Danny helped drive strategic initiatives for Expedia over five years and is now flexing his experience and vision at TripActions, the fastest growing end-to-end… Read More
How ATPCO shifted attendance to its annual global conference along with our brand perception, as explained by Director of Marketing, Beth Taylor. Welcome to the second entry in our director's vlog series, where we… Read More
Informal poll…do you enjoy any of the following? Waiting on hold to speak to an airline’s customer service agent to figure out if you can cancel or change your ticket? Having no idea what the aircraft, cabin, or seats… Read More
If you are a travel enthusiast like me, the idea of squeezing a vacation between two business trips sounds pretty appealing. You know what doesn’t? Booking the extras, managing flight changes, reconciling the receipts,… Read More
ATPCO and Emirates Sign Three-Year Enterprise Rich Content Deal Partnership includes agreement to integrate Routehappy rich content via Emirates’ NDC API DULLES, VA – 14 March 2018 – ATPCO, today announced that… Read More
You buy shoes, right? You go online and select filters for athletic, kids, blue, size 2. Or women’s, sandals, 2-inch heel, black. You go through this same filtering process for cars, hotel rooms, screwdrivers—but not… Read More
Gone are the days when airfare retailing was focused on persuading a customer to buy a one-size-fits-all ticket. Airlines have invested heavily in making travel more accessible by listening to customers and developing… Read More
Even the most established companies can find it challenging to implement new technologies. Despite the best intentions and planning, the sheer number of technologies, standards, and ecosystem providers that must be… Read More