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Insights on hacking and how to innovate securely in the aviation industry from ATPCO’s cybersecurity expert, Harman Kapoor Welcome to the first in our director's vlog series, where we interview some of the top people… Read More
Competing in an international hackathon is a bit like being a rock band on tour There is the trepidation of going somewhere you have never been before, the excitement and challenge of performing for your audience, and… Read More
So, what teams are involved with a successful airline offer?  Airfare pricing is handled by not just one, but two departments at an airline. When they work together, airlines are successful and profitable. What we find… Read More
I’ve just returned from a few days in Europe, where I hit up four cities in six days. My domestic flights were short, so I focused on economy-driven, convenient trips—all utility. For my long-haul trips I spent much… Read More
Rolf shares how ATPCO is going to support airline retailing and NDC It is such an honor to be recognized by Business Travel News (BTN) as one of the 2018 Most Influential People in Airline Travel. As I complete my… Read More
It’s no secret that every airline pricing department in the world is looking for top talent.    Ideally, everyone would like a strong thinker with years of experience working ATPCO data, Fare Management products, GDSs… Read More
There’s less than one week until Elevate 2018, ATPCO’s annual global conference! I cannot wait to see everyone at our sold-out event. With 40% of attendees at director level and above and more than 60% of attendees… Read More
Disruption is a word that gets thrown around all too easily in our industry. Between new startups, emerging tech, and legacy carriers, we’re all trying to find the next big disruptive innovation that sends the industry… Read More
It’s morning, in the suburbs of Dallas. Camera zooms in on a house. Family is getting ready for the day. A woman, Maria, is straightening her hair in her room. She is planning her day.Maria to Smart Assistant (SA):    … Read More
ATPCO Consulting: The Art of Networking, and Free Giveaways Congratulations! Your company made the decision to send you to Elevate 2018 and you will have plenty of opportunities to socialize with like-minded colleagues… Read More
I’d used a bike share once before in the States a couple of years ago, but the industry has come a long way from swiping a credit card to rent a bike from a central bay.This new experience blew me away. On a quiet… Read More
Getting the right leaders in the right seats, with a diversity of perspectives, is critical to a healthy business. It drives customer success, spurs innovation, and creates new revenue streams. Whether flying a plane,… Read More
Revenue Management is extremely critical to the success of an airline, but pricing terms and ATPCO concepts often fly right over the heads of people who are outside the airline revenue management and pricing teams.ATPCO… Read More
Earlier this month, I was delighted to attend the third annual Travel Tech Con (TTC). TTC is the only independent conference for tech startups, designed to help them become successful in one of the most sought-after… Read More
The world is watching. Amid the steady work and common concerns of our days, for one exalted month people all over the world share in the grandeur of the World Cup. So, what’s that have to do with processing airfare… Read More
AIR Hackathon was held 8-10 June 2018 at Organization of American States Building in Washington, DC. “Leading innovation is not about getting people to follow you into the future, it is about getting people to co-… Read More
It’s easy for a company that’s been around for more than 50 years to just keep trundling along as always—but we haven’t. This is what we learned as we embraced innovation and got Bridge Labs, our innovation hub, off the… Read More
What is NDC? IATA collaborated with the industry to develop the NDC (New Distribution Capability) program as a standard for travel industry APIs. NDC is a set of standards for airline distribution that facilitates the… Read More
Airline Distribution is Changing A scan of the travel trade headlines tells you everything. Dynamic Pricing is here! NDC: A Tipping Point? Here’s What’s Next in Airline Merchandising Blockchain to Power Loyalty in… Read More
Driving innovation through data What propels innovation in air travel? Some may argue it’s the big airlines, or the disruptors, or simply new technology. At ATPCO we believe the momentum that is powering the next… Read More