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What is dynamic pricing? What are the risks?  What are the rewards?  The recent research paper commissioned by ATPCO, Advances in Airline Pricing, Revenue Management, and Distribution, defined dynamic pricing creating… Read More
We're used to seeing photos of products and hotel rooms and knowing what amenities are available before we hit that “Buy” button. The airline industry is too smart to be left behind. It's time. ATPCO, the world leader… Read More
One thing is clear in this complex, brave new world: new technologies and data standards, used together by a mix of capable system providers, industry organizations, and agile startups, will continue to drive innovation… Read More
1. Meeting the challenges of the relentless speed of the airline industry In February 2017, ATPCO opened a new era with a new President and CEO, Rolf Purzer, with a shift in our vision to be agile and embrace… Read More
Leading the Airline Industry Into the Next Generation of Distribution More Data. More Channels. More Offers. More Opportunities. We believe in the power of data - and the people using it - to open new frontiers of… Read More
In 1988, the Aviation Industry Computer-Based Training Committee (AICC) established the first technology specifications for e-learning. Today, aviation organizations rely on technology to train employees on everything… Read More
When an airline chooses to bundle its airfares with options and features, such as refundability and miles accrual, or a pre-reserved seat, baggage, and meal, it is branding fares. Airlines use this practice to promote… Read More