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Airline pricing and retail data specialist ATPCO has donated its collection of historic fare, rule and route books to the Library of Congress in the US. The 1,588 bound volumes will go on public view at the world’s… Read More
ATPCO and Airlines Reporting Corp. (ARC) announced plans to bring together ATPCO’s Elevate and ARC’s TravelConnect as a jointly hosted industry conference in 2023. 
Does the future of consumer data collection lie in “hyper-personalization” or “anonymous personalization?” How can companies make their competitors’ data work to their advantage? Those were key questions discussed at… Read More
ATPCO's goal for the airline industry to dynamically generate 80 percent of flight offers by 2026 is admittedly ambitious, president and CEO Alex Zoghlin said in an interview.
A variety of newly planned initiatives from ATPCO will lay the groundwork for a rapid expansion of dynamically generated airline fare offerings in the coming years.
Collection includes over 1,500 volumes of airline tariffs, rules and routes dating as far back as 1944  ATPCO, the world’s source of airline pricing and retailing data, has donated its historic collection of 1,588… Read More
ATPCO and Airlines Reporting Corp. (ARC) today announced plans to bring together ATPCO’s Elevate and ARC’s TravelConnect as a jointly hosted industry conference in 2023. Scheduled for October of next year, Elevate +… Read More
ATPCO also announced open access to its NDC Exchange code, enabling the entire industry to benefit from greater airline offer distribution Today at its annual Elevate conference held in Washington, DC, ATPCO made a… Read More
New agreements automate corporate contract fare filing and enable best-in-class merchandising of Southwest content for corporate travel managers and business travel decision makers  ATPCO today announced it has deepened… Read More
The monumental shift to true airline retailing is happening right now. Airlines have made significant investments to differentiate their products in the market to meet traveler expectations. However, this investment is… Read More
Oneworld alliance members select Architect to streamline their individual pricing strategies ATPCO announced today that two Asia Pacific carriers, Japan Airlines and Malaysia Airlines, have each signed multi-year… Read More
Alaska Airlines has embarked on migration to ATPCO’s Architect pricing tool after signing a new multi-year agreement with the ecommerce automation specialist. 
Alaska Airlines selected Architect to manage its pricing strategy and simplify its workflow through industry leading automation   ATPCO today announced that Alaska Airlines has signed a multi-year deal for its premier… Read More
As carriers increase merchandising capabilities, displaying that content quickly, fairly and accurately proves challenging.
Hear from Alex Zoghlin, ATPCO's new CEO, who started this month following a two-month transition in tandem with retiring CEO Rolf Purzer.
Find out new CEO Alex Zoghlin's initial reaction to joining ATPCO and what's in store for the company under his leadership.
Fetcherr, an Israeli startup that provides demand and pricing insights for airlines, hotels and rental car companies, is partnering with ATPCO to incorporate its current and historical fare data into its algorithms.
Like the rest of the airline, United's fare filing team shrank as a result of the pandemic. Fortunately for United, it already was looking at an ATPCO service meant to streamline that aspect of the contract management… Read More
ATPCO will use Amazon Web Services to host its flight shopping and distribution platforms. The airline fare-filing and retailing service says the move will allow it to modernize its applications to accelerate expansion… Read More
ATPCO announced it has formed five new global councils that are focused on key areas of interest to the industry: Offer Content, Distribution & Infrastructure, Customer Care, Settlement, and Market Tools. The five… Read More