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ATPCO signs groundbreaking retailing agreements with Amadeus and Sabre to integrate and distribute full Routehappy Rich Content to sales channels worldwide
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We need ATPCO because of the distribution to all sales channels and travel agents. That’s the only platform that supports that.
Let’s do what’s right for the customer. We have to put something in front of them that’s easy for them to understand, otherwise they just get lost in the morass of data.
Our partnership with ATPCO means we will be able to clearly and consistently showcase Delta’s unique and differentiated product and ticket attributes across third-party channels.
We definitely see that we have a much higher satisfaction rate from the customers who bought a product that they fully understood, that they had pictures of, that they had an idea of what they were getting into.
What do shoppers want? They want choices. They want information about those choices so they can make the best choice for them. And they just want to understand the value that’s being offered.
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