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Next Generation Storefront (NGS) is the fastest-moving industry initiative in air travel. More than 60 organizations joined the community to help shape the standard, and it’s making news. In 2019, BTN, PhocusWire, TTG… Read More
Airlines have requested that ATPCO create an industry standard of data that describes “like-type” airline products and services. This standard will enable pricing and aggregator systems to better find, sort, and present… Read More
DULLES, VA, and MADRID – 23 October 2019 – ATPCO and Amadeus announced today they have inked a long-term retailing agreement. The agreement enables Amadeus to integrate ATPCO’s airline rich content within its vast array… Read More
DULLES, Va. AND SOUTHLAKE, Texas – 23 October 2019 – Sabre Corporation (NASDAQ:SABR) and ATPCO announced today a new long-term retailing agreement enabling Sabre to distribute ATPCO’s Routehappy content to Sabre-… Read More
Dulles, VA – September 5, 2019 – ATPCO today announced a key change to its developing Next Generation Storefront (NGS) standard, which now enables channel partners to present the NGS “shelves” algorithm in a display… Read More
Since ATPCO launched its Next Generation Storefront standard-making initiative less than six months ago, interest and adoption have been swift.    
Highlights from ATPCO & TripActions' presentation centered around the industry's first NGS-inspired shopping display released by TripActions.
Danny Finkel is no stranger to the airline industry. Danny helped drive strategic initiatives for Expedia over five years and is now flexing his experience and vision at TripActions, the fastest growing end-to-end… Read More
Ready for the next big thing in airline retailing? Join the NGS Working Group this June to use your diverse retailing and distribution expertise and your understanding of market offerings and consumer preferences to… Read More
Ready to differentiate and improve your bottom line? You can create the great offers and shopping displays that today’s travelers demand with ATPCO Retailing Solutions.  In this session, discover How ATPCO’s new… Read More
Our innovative flight booking experience accurately reflects the full diversity of airline choices in one simple interface. We look forward to continued collaboration with leading airlines and ATPCO to deliver the best… Read More
We are encouraged that ATPCO has been joined by a variety of channel partners and airlines, small and large, low cost and full service, to capture every perspective for the benefit of travelers. The trials currently… Read More
You buy shoes, right? You go online and select filters for athletic, kids, blue, size 2. Or women’s, sandals, 2-inch heel, black. You go through this same filtering process for cars, hotel rooms, screwdrivers—but not… Read More
DULLES, VA – February 21, 2019 – One year following its acquisition of Routehappy, the first for the 54 year old company, ATPCO announced that it has fully integrated Routehappy into the organization, bolstering its… Read More
Today’s distribution landscape is rapidly evolving. While it takes time to build a true data driven-approach that is impartial and trusted, we are encouraged that companies like TripActions are ready to innovate in… Read More
Delta Air Lines, American Airlines, & United Airlines discuss the dream retailing world and their support for the Next-Generation Storefront concept by ATPCO and Routehappy by ATPCO.  
Compete in tomorrow's marketplace The Next Generation Storefront (NGS) is a set of data standards that enable distribution channels to better present, sort, and find the airline products and services consumers are… Read More
Ready to differentiate and improve your bottom line? ATPCO’s Retailing Solutions help airlines differentiate their products with compelling rich content and help channel partners create informative, attractive shopping… Read More
Watch the webinar on-demand and take the in-webinar survey to become a leader in the Next-Generation Storefront advisory group or working group.
Unite forces with ATPCO, airline, and channel partners to guide the next generation of data-driven digital retailing data standards. We need diverse retailing and distribution experts who understand both market… Read More