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Dear colleagues, I’ve decided it’s time for me to move on from my full-time role, after guiding Routehappy for the past decade since its founding. Earlier in my career at the intersection of travel technology and flight… Read More
As an industry and as individuals, we’re coming to terms with the changed priorities and new conditions that we’ll face for months or even years to come. We are watching government and industry task forces start to… Read More
ATPCO signs groundbreaking retailing agreements with Amadeus and Sabre to integrate and distribute full Routehappy Rich Content to sales channels worldwide
It’s fair to say that these are times unlike any we’ve experienced before. The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc around the world. Our industry is under unprecedented pressure, and the future remains hard to read. How… Read More
I think we’re at an inflection point in 2020; decommodification of air travel is finally becoming a reality.   
Integrate rich content Get the detailed information you need to implement Routehappy Rich Content.  
We are seeing a rise in conversions on our channel among the airlines that offer UPA rich content via ATPCO and an increase in our fare and cabin upsell. now has one of the most informed and rich flight searches in the world, this wouldn’t have been possible without ATPCO.
With ATPCO we could incorporate the same rich content that airline direct channels have into our online booking tool UI in a much simpler way than trying to ingest it from multiple sources.
We trust ATPCO’s data set and know we can rely on them to provide accurate and reliable airline data, which only gets better over time as they continue to innovate.
ATPCO provides us with accurate, high-quality, and precisely targeted UTA data, which streamlines the process of displaying accurate and comprehensive airline content.
The new codeshare UPAs created by ATPCO will no doubt make it easier for passengers to understand what experience they will have when booking journeys that involve flights from several partnering airlines.
Integrating content from ATPCO is significant for airlines and retailers; it allows everyone to access that rich content in one location and also allows airlines to have a consistent product offering across multiple… Read More
With access to rich, descriptive, and user-friendly content, we can improve our shopping displays and ensure hundreds of millions of consumers throughout Asia and the world have access to universally understood shopping… Read More
TravelSky understands that e-commerce is the future of selling in the Chinese market, and we want to serve our customers with a richer experience through Routehappy Rich Content that ATPCO provides alongside its trusted… Read More
Showcase standout products and create next-gen shopping displays Routehappy powers rich content for flight shopping, helping airlines differentiate and better monetize their products. Acquired in 2018, Routehappy is… Read More
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DULLES, VA – 31 October 2019 – ATPCO today announced that KAYAK has signed a multi-year retailing deal with the company to integrate all three Routehappy Rich Content types: Amenities, Universal Ticket Attributes (UTA… Read More
Airline merchandising is a science—and an art. It’s an accurate display of a product’s features on an online sales channel designed to engage travelers and provide realistic expectations
Differentiate your shopping displays and better present airline products, boosting conversion and upsell