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Airline distribution is continuously changing, but NDC is causing a seismic shift from product development to consumer friendliness, explains Director of NDC, Solutions, and Partnerships, Graham Wareham. Welcome to… Read More
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We are delighted to have joined NDC Exchange and are sure that the platform will bring many benefits to our partners, providing a consistent product offering across the entire travel distribution ecosystem.
NDC Exchange, in my view, is a single API source that would enable the rapid growth of the API connections across the industry.
By connecting to NDC Exchange, we have access to Air Canada and British Airways, as well as other airlines as they are released. By completing the single connection to NDC Exchange, we are being more efficient with our… Read More
NDC Exchange allows us to scale faster by providing us access to airline content, especially in North America. Having access to Routehappy rich content brings additional value and helps us to provide a richer experience… Read More
ATPCO is providing us with the ability to combine our pricing data with rich content so that all our product offering information is in one place. As an existing Routehappy subscriber, NDC Exchange becomes even more… Read More
ATPCO and Emirates Sign Three-Year Enterprise Rich Content Deal Partnership includes agreement to integrate Routehappy rich content via Emirates’ NDC API DULLES, VA – 14 March 2018 – ATPCO, today announced that… Read More
The pipeline for interoperable data in the NDC community  NDC (New Distribution Capability) standards were established by IATA to better enable communications across the airline ecosystem. We deliver airline pricing … Read More
Review webinar recording and learn from ATPCO & SITA experts as they take a deeper dive into the implementation of NDC, explain how it works for the travel suppliers and sellers, including onboarding, timeline, and… Read More
Review webinar recording and hear from the industry experts as they offer invaluable insights into challenging NDC topics.  
Learn how Air Canada is future-proofing their solution with NDC Exchange.
Watch a quick video and learn how NDC Exchange can help you to address the three known challenges around airline distribution.
Learn how you can take advantage of NDC Exchange
Learn more about direct connect marketplace for the travel industry with a simple delivery of offers and orders.
Get the data you need from one dependable source  You need data that works everywhere. ATPCO gathers that interoperable data straight from the airlines so you can power your systems and satisfy your customers.  
An easy and cost-effective way for airlines and travel sellers to unlock the value of your data through NDC.
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ATPCO and SITA Collaborate to Build NDC Exchange to Overcome Barriers to NDC Adoption ATPCO and SITA are collaborating on NDC Exchange, an industry-owned platform designed to lower the barriers to adoption of IATA’s… Read More