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TripActions Adopts U.S. Airlines’ Next-Generation Storefront Effort Today’s distribution landscape is rapidly evolving. While it takes time to build a true data driven-approach that is impartial and trusted, we are… Read More
U.S. Airlines Offer Rare Unified View on Their Dream Retail World Delta Air Lines, American Airlines, & United Airlines discuss the dream retailing world and their support for the Next-Generation Storefront… Read More
ATPCO Snaps Up Routehappy ATPCO, the airline-owned company that collects and distributes fares and related data, acquired Routehappy, a six-year-old company that provides flight scores, cabin amenity data and other… Read More
ATPCO and SITA Collaborate to Build NDC Exchange to Overcome Barriers to NDC Adoption ATPCO and SITA are collaborating on NDC Exchange, an industry-owned platform designed to lower the barriers to adoption of IATA’s… Read More
Airline Data Powerhouse Needs to Evolve as Fast as Airfares Have Everybody in the airline industry knows that the Airline Tariff Publishing Company, or ATPCO, is important. But, let’s face it, not many people know… Read More
Channel Shock: The Future of Travel Distribution The travel industry is always fixated on what’s new and sexy.  
Routehappy Teams Up with ATPCO to Unite Pricing Data with Rich Content/Press From a fare-filing system that some observers believed could become obsolete in the age of NDC and other innovations, ATPCO is expanding its… Read More
ATPCO Incoming CEO Pledges Important Role in Future of Airline Distribution In an industry full of insidery type organisations and protocols, ATPCO is one of the most important but rarely discussed elements in the… Read More
Open AXIS Air Distribution Standards Group Taken Over by ATPCO Airfare data filing service ATPCO has assumed responsibility for the Open AXIS Group, taking over maintaining and developing the organisation’s XML… Read More
ATPCO & SITA Continue to Accelerate the Adoption of NDC Developed by ATPCO & SITA, NDC Exchange is a platform that enables content interoperability across the airline distribution ecosystem and is a trusted… Read More
ARC Joins NDC Exchange ARC has joined NDC Exchange, a marketplace for airline product sales supported by IATA's New Distribution Capability (NDC). ARC's settlement data will be integrated with the marketplace.  
Routehappy Content Added to NDC Exchange Content from Routehappy is now available on NDC Exchange, a marketplace for IATA New Distribution Capability-supported airline product sales.  
Routehappy’s Rich Content is Incorporated into NDC Exchange Routehappy took a big step toward integration with its new owner, ATPCO, and toward moving the industry closer to the mainstreaming of NDC.  
Airlines Inching Closer to Dynamic Pricing Imagine if airlines could tailor fare offers based on who was making the ticket inquiry, rather than strictly on the search criteria.  
Routehappy Airfare Content to be Made Available in NDC Exchange Airline rich content provider Routehappy has signed a deal that will see its fares and product descriptions available via the NDC Exchange data standard… Read More
Amadeus to Integrate Routehappy Content in Distribution Channels Fresh off its acquisition by ATPCO, Routehappy wrapped up yet another big deal: a partnership with Amadeus, the world’s largest GDS.  
Amadeus Adding Routehappy Content to Booking Platform Amadeus sales platforms will begin displaying the airline merchandising content of Routehappy by ATPCO.  
Airline Data Powerhouse Buys Routehappy in Bid for Transformation In a move designed to shake up the airline distribution marketplace, the old stalwart Airline Tariff Publishing Co. (ATPCO) acquired relative newcomer… Read More
Routehappy Acquired by Airline Data Platform ATPCO Cloud-based flight shopping firm Routehappy has been taken over by airline data platform ATPCO for an undisclosed sum.  
ATPCO Acquires Routehappy ATPCO, the airline-owned corporation that is the world's largest collector and distributor of fare data, has acquired airline merchandising content platform Routehappy.