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Alaska Airlines has embarked on migration to ATPCO’s Architect pricing tool after signing a new multi-year agreement with the ecommerce automation specialist. 
As carriers increase merchandising capabilities, displaying that content quickly, fairly and accurately proves challenging.
Hear from Alex Zoghlin, ATPCO's new CEO, who started this month following a two-month transition in tandem with retiring CEO Rolf Purzer.
Find out new CEO Alex Zoghlin's initial reaction to joining ATPCO and what's in store for the company under his leadership.
Fetcherr, an Israeli startup that provides demand and pricing insights for airlines, hotels and rental car companies, is partnering with ATPCO to incorporate its current and historical fare data into its algorithms.
Like the rest of the airline, United's fare filing team shrank as a result of the pandemic. Fortunately for United, it already was looking at an ATPCO service meant to streamline that aspect of the contract management… Read More
ATPCO will use Amazon Web Services to host its flight shopping and distribution platforms. The airline fare-filing and retailing service says the move will allow it to modernize its applications to accelerate expansion… Read More
ATPCO announced it has formed five new global councils that are focused on key areas of interest to the industry: Offer Content, Distribution & Infrastructure, Customer Care, Settlement, and Market Tools. The five… Read More
If there’s one skill the pandemic has sharpened, it’s the art of online shopping. It’s also the mission of airfare data firm ATPCO (formerly known as the Airline Tariff Publishing Company). Its Routehappy division helps… Read More
ATPCO's acquisition of fare management tech from SITA probably won't be the last project airlines will reassign. This month's appointment of Alex Zoghlin as CEO of ATPCO suggests further changes are looming.
ATPCO is expanding its product portfolio with the purchase of SITA’s fare management system, Airfare Insight (AFI). The deal closed January 1.
ATPCO has signed a new Express Contracts agreement with Brazilian low-cost-carrier Gol. "The automation turns contracts to bookable fares in less than a day," said Gol revenue operations manager Rogerio Maldonado in a… Read More
The interview with ATPCO's Alex Zoghlin on travel distribution and a life in digital was one of the PhocusWire team's favorites.
This is Rolf Purzer's second appearance on BTN's Most Influential list, the first being in 2018. It's also likely his last, as Purzer, who has been with ATPCO since 1996 and took over as president and CEO in 2017, is… Read More
I think we’re at an inflection point in 2020; decommodification of air travel is finally becoming a reality.   
Disruption appears not far off on the horizon. The long-term retailing agreements that ATPCO recently entered into with Sabre and Amadeus signal a major transformation underway in flight shopping.  
Until now, the Next Generation Storefront was based on an ascending scale of one star to six stars, each grouping a digital "shelf" upon which comparable airline products sat for consumers to compare in online shopping… Read More
One year after unveiling plans to develop a Next Generation Storefront (NGS) standard, ATPCO is now expanding that effort globally and creating advisory boards to oversee the effort in four regions.  
ATPCO has activated a new schema designed to ease the way for airlines wishing to increase their use of real-time dynamic pricing.   
Rolf Purzer has been with ATPCO for 22 years and became CEO in 2017. PhocusWire talked to Purzer in Washington, D.C., at the company’s Elevate conference.