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If you want to eliminate rejections, then you need to close the gaps and have a consistent tax reference from distribution to settlement, and ATPCO allows that.
All the details for implementing and understanding the exchange format for sales data transactions, including ISR, TCN, BSP, and CAT.
Struggling to manage your growing data and its complexities? Create winning offers powered by the latest tech with ATPCO Offer Creation products.    In this session, find out  How to use ATPCO's automation solutions (… Read More
ATPCO has always been a great partner to American Airlines and the airline industry. It’s always been a traditional source of data information about the competitive environment. The world is changing and evolving and… Read More
Get access to sales data that easily analyzed and integrated with all your order enablement needs.  
Find out how Express Contracts can get your contracts into bookable fares in one day and why you can't go without it any longer.
Become a next-generation retailer Build your fare products efficiently, analyze competitors in the market, and simplify settlement—ATPCO can help you run your business, but we can also help it grow. Become a next-… Read More
At the intersection of reach, expertise, and innovation Whether you're building a world-class shopping experience or need to efficiently distribute your offers everywhere your passengers can buy them, you can trust… Read More
The paper summarizes current pricing and revenue management practices and how they might be affected by the dynamic pricing and offer generation that NDC makes possible.
ATPCO is proposing a Reservation Booking Designator (RBD) model that enables airlines to offer more price points while using current dual RBD validation processing. This model will give you more flexibility in… Read More
The Update from the Dynamic Pricing Working Group focused on how to address airlines’ needs to optimize the price points that they wish to offer along the demand curve. Get familiar with the two possible approaches to… Read More
There is a perception today that NDC will replace filed fares and will introduce dynamic and personalized pricing capabilities that traditional distribution methods are not currently able to support. However, there does… Read More
Download the Implementation Guide describing how individual airlines and systems to utilize reservation booking designator (RBD) capabilities to improve assortment optimization, as well to incorporate the pilot findings… Read More
Download the webinar materials to unlock the power of smart pricing decisions driven by timely and relevant market insights.
Watch this 45-min webinar to unlock the power of smart pricing decisions driven by timely and relevant market insights.
Monitor and analyze market conditions and the competitive landscape to make well-informed decisions and identify business opportunities based on a clear understanding of pricing trends and the competitive landscape.
Market insights for well-informed pricing decisions and a winning commercial strategy. You need convenient access to trustworthy, quality data and you  need  it  now:  base  fare  and  associated  rules,  footnotes, … Read More
Imagine if airlines could tailor fare offers based on who was making the ticket inquiry, rather than strictly on the search criteria.  
ATPCO and Farelogix have partnered to deliver a cloud-based Ancillary Offer Engine.  
Farelogix and the Airline Tariff Publishing Co. (ATPCO) have partnered to create the Ancillary Offer Engine, which will enable airlines to deliver merchandising offers using New Distribution Capability (NDC) messaging… Read More