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Highlights from ATPCO & TripActions' presentation centered around the industry's first NGS-inspired shopping display released by TripActions.
All the details for implementing and understanding the exchange format for sales data transactions, including ISR, TCN, BSP, and CAT.
Smart retailing is at its best when many departments work together, from distribution to marketing to revenue management.
ATPCO is the official source for all published Optional Services industry sub codes and Group definitions. 
Read first hand how Baggage Calculator changed Aegean's baggage charges and allowances workflows.
Learn about the ways you can use Baggage Calculator to enhance your baggage charges and policies.
Learn how to simplify your baggage charges and policies for fast accurate data that can't be surpassed. 
Get access to sales data that easily analyzed and integrated with all your order enablement needs.  
Find out how Express Contracts can get your contracts into bookable fares in one day and why you can't go without it any longer.
Thanks to the ATPCO Optional Services Upload feature, American Airlines is now able to efficiently create and maintain the exponentially larger volume of data generated with the growth of baggage offerings.
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Watch our webinar to learn the 5 keys on how to leverage rich content on both direct and indirect channels. Leave inspired to merchandise your product like a pro and improve your business.
The paper summarizes current pricing and revenue management practices and how they might be affected by the dynamic pricing and offer generation that NDC makes possible.
ATPCO is proposing a Reservation Booking Designator (RBD) model that enables airlines to offer more price points while using current dual RBD validation processing. This model will give you more flexibility in… Read More
The Update from the Dynamic Pricing Working Group focused on how to address airlines’ needs to optimize the price points that they wish to offer along the demand curve. Get familiar with the two possible approaches to… Read More
Are flight shoppers easily converted into your airline customers? Or are you looking for new engagement tactics?
Watch the webinar on-demand and take the in-webinar survey to become a leader in the Next-Generation Storefront advisory group or working group.
Airlines have requested that ATPCO create an industry standard of data that describes “like-type” airline products and services. This standard will enable pricing and aggregator systems to better find, sort, and present… Read More
There is a perception today that NDC will replace filed fares and will introduce dynamic and personalized pricing capabilities that traditional distribution methods are not currently able to support. However, there does… Read More