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Find out the days and times that ATPCO distributes data files
ATPCO signs groundbreaking retailing agreements with Amadeus and Sabre to integrate and distribute full Routehappy Content to sales channels worldwide.
Airlines have requested that ATPCO create an industry standard of data that describes “like-type” airline products and services. This standard will enable pricing and aggregator systems to better find, sort, and present… Read More
Airline merchandising is a science—and an art. It’s an accurate display of a product’s features on an online sales channel designed to engage travelers and provide realistic expectations
Differentiate your shopping displays and better present airline products, boosting conversion and upsell
Differentiate and better monetize your products
The Simplified Model for Dynamic Pricing allows airlines to implement different dynamic pricing approaches that match individual infrastructure and strategy—and keep all fares interoperable, no matter how they were… Read More
Our portfolio of APIs enables you to easily connect not only to our products and services but also to industry partners, so you can scale your business and save costs.
ATPCO has worked with the industry to identify and define three dynamic pricing mechanisms: Optimized Pricing, Adjusted Pricing, and Continuous Pricing
Highlights from ATPCO & TripActions' presentation centered around the industry's first NGS-inspired shopping display released by TripActions.
All the details for implementing and understanding the exchange format for sales data transactions, including ISR, TCN, BSP, and CAT.
ATPCO is the official source for all published Optional Services industry sub codes and Group definitions. 
The paper summarizes current pricing and revenue management practices and how they might be affected by the dynamic pricing and offer generation that NDC makes possible.
There is a perception today that NDC will replace filed fares and will introduce dynamic and personalized pricing capabilities that traditional distribution methods are not currently able to support. However, there does… Read More
Download the Implementation Guide describing how individual airlines and systems to utilize reservation booking designator (RBD) capabilities to improve assortment optimization, as well to incorporate the pilot findings… Read More
We’re helping airlines and IT solution providers to solve the mystery of how to create a dynamic pricing strategy that works for their organization. Learn more about the available pilot programs and how you can… Read More
Learn how Air Canada is future-proofing their solution with NDC Services.
Download the webinar materials to unlock the power of smart pricing decisions driven by timely and relevant market insights.